Man Utd need another striker before the transfer window shuts. Who should Fergie sign?

Ollie Irish

30th, August 2007


Ole Solskjaer is hanging up his deadly boots, Wayne Rooney is out injured (although he’s reportedly recovering faster than expected), Alan Smith and Guiseppe Rossi have moved on, Louis Saha’s body can’t be trusted, Carlos Tevez is settling in… for all Man Utd’s strengths, they surely need one more proven goal scorer if they are to seriously challenge Chelsea and Liverpool for the title this season.
Put yourself in Alex Ferguson’s shoes – which player would you attempt to sign before the August transfer window shuts tomorrow, if any? I won’t suggest any names, as it will be interesting to see which names you come up with in your comments…

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  1. Łupek says:

    Berbatov – the most obvious, proven in the EPL, fantastic touch and shot ( especially the combination of these two he did at Old Trafford-remember that? jaw-dropping stuff). But Spurs won’t let him go.
    Anelka – the fooballer formerly known as Le Sulk, as he seems to have finally grown up. Lost a bit of his magic, gained a zip-up mouth. Not a bad choice.
    If I could, I’d get David Villa – he’s just amazingly good. Works like a mule and has the pace, the shot, the enthusiasm, the lot. He wouldn’t up the average height of a ManYoo striker, but who cares about big loggy post players anyway?
    If Fergie does, how about Fred, then? He’d be easy to buy-out from Lyon, since he’s fallen out of favour, bucketload of skill for such a tall guy, strong, pacy and Brazilian, remember.
    Or maybe ManYoo would offer a job to a certain Francesco Totti?
    Never gonna happen, but we still can dream, can’t we?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we could get Huntelaar

  3. Cole says:

    I would suggest Jermaine Defoe. He is unlikely to command a bloated transfer fee and would be a useful foil to Rooney/Tevez. One thing Utd have missed since selling Ruud has been someone who hangs around the 6 yard box.

  4. Murfmensch says:

    There is just something surreal (maybe perverse) about the amount of wealth these mega-big clubs have.
    Other clubs deal with their injuries. They look at their squad, reserves, or academy.
    Just shopping the world is too easy. And the result is more predictable matches as another club loses a great player. I’m not singling out ManU here. It would be nice to see some of the big four’s bench playing in the rest of the prem, that’s all.
    Perhaps a “luxury tax” is in order. Expenditures over a certain amount could go into a pool that funds players and academies. Baseball does this in the US and it helps prevent Yankee dominance.

  5. Ratsy99 says:

    Crouch if they need a target man…

  6. Col says:

    In response to Łupek, i also would love to see Villa or Fred in the prem. Admired them for ages, but do United need to spend big money for a striker? which brings me on to Murfmensch’s point, fergie should look at his academies, sure there must be some decent young talent in the wings. Eagles has looked pretty good, must be more youngsters like him…

  7. rmrbelfry says:

    Corradi, vassell or dikov please

  8. jer says:

    klauss jan huntelaar, berbatov.
    what man utd need is a targetman. since tevez is so similar to rooney.
    i wonder – if hargreaves was bought to somehow replace keane, and carrick to replace scholes, where does that leave Anderson?

  9. m4re says:

    I’ve long stood by Huntelaar, I’d love Villa but transfer figures for him topped 40mil earlier this summer. Too ridiculous.
    Fred is an excellent suggestion though, I’d definitely take him.
    Jarosik would be available for cheap but he’s certainly only a shortterm option..

  10. MrWrongn says:

    Adriano… apparently looking for suiters?

  11. Chringle says:

    said it before and i’ll say it again.. Kevin Doyle

  12. Joe says:

    If they’re smart, they’ll go for Heerenveen’s Alfonso Alves. He’s a complete bastard (which will make him feel right at home of course), but he scored 30+ goals last season, a LOT more than Huntelaar (who is also class, I must add). And he’s looking for a new club.

  13. dan says:

    what about teves? he’s a real pain to buy. now he has to work his butt off to score.

  14. GP says:

    Yeah,Fred’s a good idea. Not sure how good he is in real life, but he’s pretty decent in my PES. But if I were Fergie, instead of looking for an expensive striker, I’d just give Dong a chance…