Goal of the week: Carols Tevez reads Wayne Rooney’s mind, Man Utd vs Middlesbrough

Ollie Irish

29th, October 2007


It was a great weekend for goals with wonder strikes from Nani and Samba as well as free kick specials from Anelka and Gerrard. But, while there were probably better hits than Tevez’s first goal against Middlesborough, it was the sweeping build up finished with a backheel pass from Rooney in the box that wins our vote.
Care to agree or disagree? Watch it HERE

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  1. Alex says:

    This goal was sublime to say the least. Nani’s was a wonder goal but this the Rooney Tevez goal was how the game should be played. In my eyes it was a goal of the season contender, it had pace, skill and placement. Manchester Uniteds ‘Red Arrows’ are looking the real deal!

  2. ratsy99 says:

    I was lucky enough to be there at the game and whilst Ronaldo was terrible, Tevez looked very good with some excellent interplay with Rooney.

  3. Matt says:

    As an Arsenal fan it hurts to say this but…
    that was a superb goal.
    *Feels Dirty*

  4. Kipp says:

    I feel nani’s was better, that goal was no better than evertons midweek
    honestly! check it out and disagree if you dare

  5. GS says:

    Didn’t you know Gerrards freekick, where Mathieu Flamini moved out of the way to give him an open net to hit the ball straight down the middle of was the best goal of the weekend?
    Or do you not read the papers/listen to the BBC?
    Bunch of eejits.

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