My Favourite Kit: Manchester United 1994-96

Ollie Irish

13th, September 2010


By Liam Blackburn

Eric Cantona: The King of Old Trafford clad in the Old Trafford watermark home shirt

For many fans, Manchester United have lost sight of their roots. The corporate cash-cow which continues to milk fans dry does have one charming element though, the club’s continued residency at Old Trafford. Back in 1994 United’s home shirt paid homage to the Theatre of Dreams. The kit’s quirk was a watermark of Old Trafford which adorned the front and back. At first glance the watermark wasn’t instantly visible, meaning the kit retained its simplicity whilst still incorporating something different.

Reminiscing over the home shirt brings back happy memories too. It was during its time that David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and the Neville brothers rose to prominence. Ironically though, it was Eric Cantona who captured the kit’s most iconic moment. It was Cantona who really embodied this kit. The Frenchman raised the huge floppy black collar for every game and kids everywhere popped their own collars to emulate Le Roi.

Cantona returned to football during the kit’s second year helping the club to chase down Newcastle and win back the league title. But it was the 1996 FA Cup final where Cantona delivered the perfect coup de grâce. Pedalling back, arching his body and slamming home an exquisite volley, Cantona secured the Double for United. Cantona only dealt in drama and the 85th-minute winner against Liverpool read like something from a movie script. Liverpool turned up to that game in their infamous cream suits but it was Cantona and his black collar which stole the show.

David Beckham at the start of his Man Utd career, in Sept. 1995

Old Trafford is currently celebrating its one hundredth year and the ground has evolved many times as its tenants have developed into the global force they are today. This kit was a fitting tribute and it can still be spotted around the ground today as fans point to different parts of their anatomy proudly explaining where they sit.

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  1. Yey says:

    1st comment ! (maybe)

    this kit is awesome, it makes the nike jersey of nowadays look pretty dreadful

  2. kahhoe says:

    man utd always like shit in Nike! change back to Umbro please!

  3. Robbothered says:

    I doubt that Nike’s designers ever speak to football fans to get their input. If they did they would do better. I think Nike’s philosophy is based more on money than aesthetics. To Nike, the logo on the right chest is more important than the left chest. The Umbro/Sharp kits were easily the best.

  4. whatever says:

    I still have this kit, with the great Cantona on the back, lovely shirt, particularly like the faded image of Old Trafford on the front.

  5. Fellaini's Fro says:

    Absolutely love this kit, but my favorite has got to be the 92 United away kit in green and gold. Now that was gorgeous. That or the black away kit from 96, mainly for Eric’s Kung Fu heroics

  6. Bruno Bugnotto says:

    The good old days… I miss them!

  7. Freeweezee says:

    My girlfriend bought me this kit with CANTONA on the back of course. That is one of the best ever. With the black one (when he made that famous kick)
    I wore it yesterday but we lost!

  8. deckard says:

    the black one with yellow numbering and lettering on the back was awesome. but i think in 97 they some grey/black away kit and that was just fucking hideous i’ll never forget it.

  9. Tom Jones says:

    The one Cantona is wearing is not that good with the stadium background messing it up. The Beckham one is quite good for a just red shirt though.

  10. Mind Gamer says:

    I still have this kit, signed by Beckham, Cantona, Giggs, Schmeichel, Keano and Sir Alex himself amongst others! A beautiful kit!

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