Video: Nani’s Masterclass In Truly Awful Play-Acting

Chris Wright

20th, September 2010


By Chris Wright

If you ignore all the Liverpool-centric ‘hypocrisy’ agenda at the beginning of the video, then it stands alone as a pretty effective video essay on the depths that many of the ‘new-breed’ of professional footballers (I’m fully aware of my sweeping generalisation, but I’m sticking with it!) will plumb in the name of one-upsmanship.

I feel nothing but shame on Nani‘s behalf after witnessing his various ‘performances’ against Liverpool yesterday. I ask you, what kind of man possesses such little dignity to allow himself to stoop to that kind of display?

Completely and utterly shameless. This kind of thing should be retrospectively punished by the FA.

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  1. PhilandoTorres says:

    Funny how Fergie has nothing to say on the matter.

  2. Pete says:

    what a dick

  3. Anonymous says:

    3-2 so who cares

  4. Mr. Angry says:

    nani is a fuckin prick… asshole..!

  5. Karl Moon says:

    I’m a United fan and I can’t stand Nani for this very reason (along with his complete inability to cross a ball, take people on consistently or work hard to win the ball back, all of which his predecessor did with aplomb)

    The guy is an absolute twat. I was devastated at the Valencia ankle break because now it means I have to watch this useless, cheating cunt play every week.

  6. Dowd says:

    He learnt all of these from another prick called ronaldo

  7. deckard says:

    now he’s the exact clone of ronaldo, though a class or two (still) less in quality but in theatrics he’s matched his “older bro”.

    btw, how are you ashamed ollie, you’re not a united fan and unless you were asleep during the world cup, you would’ve seen there were countless of hopeless displays like that. this shit by nani is nothing new and is part and parcel of the game since especially ronaldo, but also the likes of gerrard, figo, robben et al made it a popular feature of “modern” football.

  8. Pedro says:

    So, two genuinely cynical fouls by Konchesky and Poulsen, one flailing arm to his face (considering he had burst his lip against Everton, I only moderately cringe at his reaction) and one cramp (was he diving to get a foul for his own tackle? how refreshing is that, hun?) leaves only one bookable offence, i.e., the dive in the box when he was being marked by Agger, which in truth he didn’t really make that much a meal of. Not exactly of the same calibre of some of his earlier work so I don’t really see the point in highlighting Nani’s performance this weekend as opposed to countless other flair players who don’t like being tackled, including Torres who went down like a ton of bricks under an unfair but not really very strong challenge by O’Shea. Sure, no one likes to see diving, but I get equally incensed by cynical tackles or shirt pulling and tugging in the box so I fully understand it that players make a meal out of the slightest contact in order to highlight the fact that they’re being fouled because it seems like, otherwise, there would hardly ever be any fouls given in and around the box (unless, of course, you’re a Liverpool player at Old Trafford, in which case you’re given a soft foul per match or two if you happen to be called Fernando). Torres was right to go down like that because otherwise the foul would (incorrectly) not have been given, just like a few expert shirt pulling stunts by Mr. Liverpool weren’t down the other end. It’s all well and good to act all sanctimonious about diving if the offences were actually punished rather than brushed aside because the player didn’t go down.

  9. pj says:

    I am a man u fan and i just thik its funny hahahaha

  10. yuan says:

    ferguson is a dickhead! always talk rubbish! this old man really have a small dick!

  11. La goulue says:

    nice vid. It shows the true truth about Nani and Man U, they’re thieves and liars. Stevie G is just a bin dipper though

  12. Jack says:

    Pedro – your having a laugh mate, well either that or you just haven’t got a clue about football!
    The cynical foul that Poulsen hit him was a little tip of a shoulder, anybody over the age of 10 who goes down after that is an absolute pussy!
    “one flailing arm to his face” – Konchesky’s arm barely grazed his face & he went down as if he had taken a right hook – again, pussy!
    “the dive in the box when he was being marked by Agger, which in truth he didn’t really make that much a meal of” – F*ck me! I really don’t know how he could have made more of a meal of it than he did.
    The man is a cheating, diving twat!
    By the way, I am spurs fan so there is no bias here, I just cannot fathom how anybody can be so ridiculously blinkered when viewing such compelling evidence!

  13. Liam says:

    If it was Liverpool doing this then Ferguson would have a rave. Fucking cunt.

  14. mjd924 says:

    Enjoy relegation you scouser twats. Torres thinks he’s still playing for Spain… a whole team of diving cheats.

  15. dc says:

    oh fuck off, sure Nani was diving like greg louganis but why single him out when it happens every week with other players. half of these “dives” werent dives at all and all of them at least had a little bit of contact–

    i really dont want to have to jump on the liverpool/united 2-way blame bandwagon but if you want to see some truly pathetic diving, just look at gerrard from years past, the man used to be the KING of contact-free diving. (im not singling him out because of the liverpool/united thing but simply because he was the worst of everyone) he hasnt done it regularly since that blackburn game last year, but still..

    is it better to leap through the air like a fairy or fall down from a little push like a fairy?

    i guess someone like steven gerrard is viewed as nobly seeking a strategic advantage while nani doing it with tears in his eyes is “pathetic”?

    nani didnt grow up in manchester, after all

    or are these pointless questions that can only be answered depending on which side you support?

  16. Tatum says:

    I’m a Man Utd fan and I’m embarrassed by Nani, he’s always diving and it really puts me off him because he doesn’t offer much to make up for it. He’s such a wannabe Ronaldo, but although he dives more than Ronaldo ever did, he doesn’t have a fifth of his skill. All summer I was praying Ferguson would get rid of the useless twat (and the equally thick and talentless Anderson) and sign Oezil instead.

  17. RS says:

    Liverpool fan. Hate Utd with every fibre of my being but have respect for a quality team with quality players (Scholes, Berbatov, Fletcher, Rooney etc.). Ferguson is a great manager but his post-match comments are so out of order, I only wish Hodgson would get his tongue out of his arse and stick up for Torres so-called cheating and point to this display by Nani. Alright, Gerrard may have on occasion gone to ground easily and won a penalty/free kick but you’d never see such a shameless display as this from him, or indeed the United (scum) players I mentioned before. Nani is a fucking worm, and referees need to penalise this behaviour, especially high profile ones such as Webb. I only wish Dani Agger could get a chance to beat the living shite out of this prick, and a starting place at the back for LFC. “Pass and move” my arse Roy! Sort it!

  18. Patrick says:

    boy is it buzzing in here……….well, we won….(errrr!!!) on to the next one!! Remember you mugs (do whatever it takes to overcome your fiercest rival and regret the methodology later, by then, all you’ll lose is some cash….thats it, just a little penalty fee to keep those fat faced drivers of the FA’s gravy train happy….fookin morons)

  19. stuart says:

    it’s embaressing for a supporter of any club to see one of thier players take a dive,
    Nani is by far the worst in the Prem, and not far behind him is Gerrad, in the words of Zack de la Rocha, what you reap is what you sow!

  20. WR says:

    If ferguson is a D*ch head then Woy hodgson is a cu#t howd you enjoy the F*&k and as a bonus rooney got to bang torres for free.

  21. Before C. Ronaldo became the greatest player he is now, he showed the same ‘acting talent’ before blossoming. What we are seeing here is the same passage of transformatiom of another Portugese winger from £17m tripping pony to perhaps one of the world’s best winger… Don’t bet against it!

  22. Mr. Angry says:

    fegie is a silly old cunt

  23. Jimbo says:

    pj mate, first of all, no united fans ever ever call united ‘man u.’ even if you’re foreign there’s no excuse, learn the history.
    nani’s a silly prick though, but i guess someone has to take over from the big diva CRon

    Nani isn’t the worst in the prem tho, that goes to Torres or Gerrard. But he’s a well worthy 3rd

  24. Mr. Angry says:


  25. Jimbo says:

    hey, at least you’re not calling us man u fans…

  26. Mr. Angry says:

    coz its manchester united… not man u

  27. tbloom says:

    im a united fan, and as pathetic of a display nani’s was against the liverpool game – end result – 3-2. and they should not have even scord those two from our defenders’ screw up free kicks!
    also, nani’s an amazing player and it’s irritating to see players with such talent and skill stoop to those techniques!!
    let’s just hope we see more of that skill shine through soon..

  28. Anonymous says:

    Nanis a diving little prick

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