Federico Macheda Calls Wayne Rooney ‘Working-Class And Vulgar’

Paul Sorene

7th, October 2010


By Alan Duffy

Vulgar? Moi?

Manchester United starlet Federico Macheda has apparently spoken in rather less than glowing terms about his team-mate Wayne Rooney. In an interview with Italian newspaper Gazzetta Della Sport, the former Lazio man is reported to have said:

“Rooney is a really great person, he always gives me advice, but he’s a  bit working class and vulgar.”

Now many an apparent controversial quote from a foreign player has turned out to be nothing more than a case of mistranslation. However, Rooney will no doubt be interested in having a quiet word with his young team-mate when the international break is over.

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  1. Ollie Irish says:

    With team-mates like these, eh

  2. Chip says:

    Why cant journalists getting anything right?

  3. krak says:

    this whole story is a result of what linguists would call “corrupt translation.” the original italian word he used was “coatto,” which means your average “street” kid who expresses his opinions to passing ladies, often loud. It was then translated to english as “vulgar,” “crass,” “chav,” and many other variations of these words. Plus he qualified that by saying, “…like me.”

  4. Greg says:

    its interesting to me how the story has been covered on either side of the Atlantic. in most British presses and tabloids (and websites like this) theyve seen it as a sign of dressing room discontinuity between the two and a possible rift. however over here in the States most headlines of the issue have interpreted it as a playful dig by Macheda, in fact theyve stressed more his quote on how Rooney is helping him than on the other quote.

  5. dc says:

    he said “like me” after the statement. no one reported this. that is all.

  6. Patrick says:

    The media should start eating babies and punching grannies in the face right about now, anything for a sell huh?

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