Cristiano Ronaldo wore sunglasses during sex, says unreliable source

Ollie Irish

25th, January 2008


1915_862968086_cristiano_ronaldo____11__H154254_L.jpgMost entertaining (i.e. bullshit) rumour I’ve read today? How about this – Cristiano Ronaldo met a promotions girl at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. He then wined & dined her, before taking her to a (pre-booked) hotel for some ‘sexy time’ (Borat®). During said ‘sexy time’ (Borat®), Ronaldo kept on his sunglasses, presumably to hide the black eye he’d picked up during Man Utd’s Champions League tie against Roma in October last year.
The girl in question was not best pleased with Ronaldo’s awe-inspiring vanity. To quote Chicken Dinner, from whence this story originates: ‘Unsurprisingly, she found this a little offensive.’
I’d like to believe this story. Nothing would surprise me when it comes to Mr Vain. But I smell a rat. Even he wouldn’t be that self-interested… would he?