Wayne Rooney Wants To Leave Man Utd – Alex Ferguson In Shock Admission

Ollie Irish

19th, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

So much for dodging the bullets. In a press conference this afternoon ahead of Man Utd’s Champions League tie vs Bursaspor, Sir Alex Ferguson openly admitted that Wayne Rooney wants to leave United.

“The player says he’s adamant he wants to leave,” Fergie said.

“We’ve done nothing but help him. I don’t know how many times we’ve helped him in terms of his private life and other matters.”

Apparently United have known about Rooney’s intentions to leave for months. In an interview for MUTV, Fergie revealed that Rooney told United as long ago as 14 August that he would not sign a new contract. “I couldn’t believe it. I was dumbfounded,” Ferguson said.

Shit, meet the fan…

It’s a brilliant political move by Ferguson (as ever), who has piled all the pressure on his star player. With full disclosure from the club, it’s all on Rooney to make the next move; that won’t be easy, not now that his real intentions are out in the open. With Ferguson and the club expertly playing the wounded parents, suddenly it’s Rooney who is disloyal, where before it was Fergie and United treating the player badly.

In short, United have hung Rooney out to dry. Either he crawls beg and begs forgiveness or he fecks off to Man City for stupid money. Your move, Wayne.

Either way, you can’t help but feel it’s Fergie 1-0 Rooney.

Of course, there is another way of looking at it: Rooney knows United are on the slide and he’s jumping ship at the right time. But I’m not sure Wazza is that smart.

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  1. Jason says:

    it will be interesting how this turns out…

  2. Rich says:

    risky ploy from fegie he’s never done this before i don’t think

  3. Meji says:

    and the plot thickens.

  4. Tinez says:

    you may think wazza is an idiot, but his agent isn’t. if man united finish outside the top 4 this season, will it be fergie 1 – 0 wayne?

  5. tony says:

    Is the loan transfer window closed? Will he continue to play or will Fergie just throw him in the reserves? So many questions…gutted!

  6. Franco says:

    I dont want to see him in a Red United Shirt ever again. Cristiano Ronaldo had more class then him as we knew all along he wanted to play for Real Madrid and when he left he did so with grace and praises the club & manager till this very day and Cristiano is not even English. For me Rooney is finished and to a certain extent his decision stinks more then that of Carlos Tevezas he was owned and we will never really know if it was him or his master who wanted to leave. Now it seems that Stretford, his agent, has been approached by Manchester City to get his client moving there. If I was SAF & David Gill I would sell him this January to the highest bidder and away from England. Otherwise dont play the idiot. May he rot in some suss pool. He is washed up anyway. Its Gaza all over again.

  7. Gamblino says:

    I hate United but agree with Ricardo! World cup no-show killed it. fuck him.

  8. syndex says:

    I think we are missing one of the subtle points here this announcement has just made berbatov the man for united (excuse the pun) this announcement screams to the world we trust berbatov to be the man who puts the ball in the net for us. When rooney left us (everton) cahill stepped up and became the man for the team now berba is expected to take the mantle,personally I think he will.

  9. Mr. Angry says:

    move to liverpool

  10. seany.m says:

    he,s been tapped up by city,they,ll give him 500,000 a week.

  11. hayaku says:

    please dont leave man utd! coz if you leave man utd will not win the title(most ugliest team in EPL)! please stay!

  12. bman says:

    He is not going to go to City that makes no sense. What has changed with him in recent months that has changed his feeling about staying with the club? I think that is pretty obvious. when Sir Alex says, “I don’t want to speculate or give my opinion” he is obviously referring to certain issues in his personal life that we all know. Rooney is falling apart right now and he wants to leave the country. The prostitutes, anger at England fans, poor world cup, loss of form, odd statements about ankle injury, they are related. Sir Alex must know that that is what is happening in his life but wouldn’t say.

    Add all that to the fact that we know Madrid want him and have the funds and it seems pretty obvious what will happen.

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. […] to this complete and utter stranger that he never had any intention of leaving United, despite releasing a statement last Tuesday that seemed to intimate […]

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