10 Brilliant Pictures Of Young Alex Ferguson

Ollie Irish

22nd, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

Fergie wasn’t always a pensioner with a crimson face. He used to be a middle-aged man with a crimson face, as our photo essay shows…


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November 1978: Fergie in Glasgow making history as the first football manager to take his sacking to an industrial tribunal claiming unfair dismissal. Alex Ferguson lost his job at St Mirren. St Mirren chairman William Scott told the tribunal Ferguson had been sacked for the 'improper carrying out of his duties'. St Mirren won the case

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  1. Caleb says:

    In picture 4 he looks a bit like Messi!

  2. Chris says:

    Cheers Ollie, it’s sometimes easy for me to forget when you’re hating him for his stupid opinions, and defending his horrible players that Fergie was managing united before i was even born, the pictures do serve to make him seem more human.

  3. Mr. Angry says:

    so… he’s always looked like a dick!

  4. J-Bizz says:

    Ha. The bus driver in the dugout at Oxford. Classic.

  5. Mind Gamer says:

    Wish he was still that age so he could carry on even longer!!!! Be a sad, sad day when Fergie leaves Utd. Mr. Angry, Jealous at all???

  6. Statto says:

    Picture 8 states that Fergie nearly lost his job due to defeat at Oxford…For the record, this was his first game in charge, so his job was not on the line

  7. CFC_Jay says:

    …..i think it was January 1990 when Fergie could have got the sack….if it wasnt for a single goal from Mark Robbins (remember him…!) against Forrest in the FA Cup (Forrest at the time were quite the outfit!!). Imagine that, the Nineties and Noughties without that red nose complementing the red strip, haha! Suffice to say Man U went on to win that FA Cup (with a cameo from a little known Ian Wright playing for the opponents Palace) and the rest is history!!

  8. Baggees says:

    He’s the Don

  9. Mr. Angry says:

    hey FUCK YOU mind gamer!

  10. Jamieo says:

    “November 1986: Ferguson and coaching staff watch Man Utd crash to a 2-0 defeat at Oxford United – Fergie almost lost his job because of this result”

    Fergie almost lost his job after the first game in charge?

    I don’t think so.

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