Sir Alex Ferguson Predicts A ‘Five-Horse Title Race’

Chris Wright

26th, October 2010


By Chris Wright

Without name-checking any particular clubs, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that he expects a five-way title battle this season with usual suspects United, Arsenal and Chelsea presumably joined by upstarts Manchester City and Tottenham in the race for the Premier League crown.

Speaking to Sirius FM (an American radio station), an unusually chatty Ferguson said:

“I wouldn’t be betting against it being a five-horse race. I think there is a lot of twists and turns left in the race.  The result at Stoke has had a galvanising effect on the club but we have to motor on now.

At the moment Chelsea have done very little wrong but if you look at our programme, we have had a much harder programme than the rest. We’ve been to Everton, Sunderland, Stoke, Bolton – all these difficult places where nobody enjoys going, but we’ve got them out of the road now.”

Although Chelsea’s opening fixtures have been slightly kinder than United’s, the fact that Arsenal have already had to play Liverpool (who had just as wretched a start to the season as Everton), Blackburn (who are just Stoke by another name), Sunderland (who are, indeed, Sunderland), Man City (who seem to be finally getting their act together) and Chelsea (who are smidge better than Bolton on their day) within their opening 9 games renders Ferguson’s point a little moot once examined under the microscope.

Ferg also spoke to Sirius about the kind of manager he wishes to see eventually replace him at Old Trafford:

“I don’t think Manchester United will ever go down the road of having a young manager. I think it’s a job that needs a lot of experience at the top end of the game. That’s for the future, but at the moment we have the benefit of my 24 years at the club so fortunately we can deal with it.

I think that when you are manager of our club you have to have someone strong to deal with all the issues and we have had to be strong over the years.

At United, you can never be surprised. There is always something happening in the club and always issues to deal with.”

What/whoever could he possibly be referring to there?

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  1. Patrik says:

    Is it really more difficult to go to Stoke, Bolton, Sunderland and Everton compared to Chelsea going to City, Villa, Wigan and West Ham? I dont agree at all and compared to Gunners going to Pool, Chelsea and City United should be a few points ahead!

  2. Gading says:

    Yes I totally agree, especially when Chelsea fought some of those clubs, they were like totally fighting to get at least a point. Wigan was totally at a bad condition, I mean after some not so good pre season followed by a whopping 4-0 home defeat to newbie of this season BPL, Blackpool, of course they would give everything in the second fixture, which was against Chelsea. And so did West Ham.

    And yes I also agree that Arsenal has more difficult fixture compared to Man United, yet they still managed to gain the better result.

  3. mark says:

    How can he say United have had the hardest start. City, Arsenal and Chelsea have all played each other. Each have dropped 3 and gained 3 points. United have drawn too many games against mid table teams. United should be closer to Chelsea and ahead of Arsenal and City at this stage it. Poor start and no excuses for United.

  4. he’s giving some kinda silly excuses 4 droping points 2 d mid-table team. play chelsea, arsenal and man c, and u’ll not get a point out of the true. u’ll probably endup the season 4th 2 chelsea 1st, arsenal 2nd and mancity 3rd.

  5. Bryan Fulton says:

    Fergie is trying to redirect his sides inconsistent form. He said Chelsea had a easy start to the season and then his side drew to a side chelsea hammered 6-0. Chelsea have played City and Villa away and Arsenal and unlike United at least they have shown title winning form and a bond in the club unlike rooney and evra falling out with there team mates

  6. regent says:

    that silly red nose can’t concentrate on his club other managers grant interviews and talk about themselves and thier club especially carletto but this red nose who will continue to draw matches to mid-table teams and end up in 3

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  8. patrick says:

    when it was the big four with Chelsea Man utd Arsenal and Liverpool,
    these were 4 teams considered close to even.
    so I fing it very hard to consider Tottenham in the title race. For me its the big one this season with Chelsea, then the next three Arsenal and both the manc teams, then Tottenham and Aston Villa then the upper mid table clubs like Liverpool and Everton. then the mid table clubs like Sunderland Bolton Blackburn. then the low mid table teams like Fulham Birmingham Stoke Wolves then the relegation teams West Ham Newcastle Blackpool West Brom and Wigan

  9. Jimbo says:

    not get a point out of man city?? who floored them last year?
    oh yeah, that was us.

    anyway it isn’t a race, it’s all chelseas.

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