‘I Have No Bond With Media’ – Sir Alex Ferguson

Ollie Irish

17th, November 2010


By Ollie Irish

In a press conference today in Doha, Old Red Nose issued forth a typically blunt comment about his poor relationship with the media. Fergie accused hacks of lacking not only quality but also “strong values”, which I take to mean “principles” or “a basic morality”.

Yep, based on my experiences in newspaper journalism, that sounds spot-on.

In slight defence of the scribes who hound him, Man Utd’s manager did concede that football writers are under great pressure to find stories (i.e. make shit up) from their editors.

In other news about the Govan pensioner being charming as hell, United are set to be hit by a £65,000 fine (it will probably end up being less) this week due to Ferguson’s continued refusal to speak to the BBC.

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  1. Rupert Murdock says:

    Good on Fergie!

    Fuck the media!

  2. Karl Moon says:

    Good on him for not speaking to the BBC, they were in the wrong, not Ferguson, and as a result he’s standing his ground. Full respect to him. The BBC are all ****’s anyway.

  3. mizman says:

    Fergie is right, how can you make someone talk to someone else. Thought this was a free country? If he doesnt want to talk to the BBC he wont.

  4. shinychris says:

    Isn’t it because of the media that Premiership clubs are able to pay managers like Sir Alex, as well as players, massive wages. And isn’t it because of the media that lots of people who can’t go to the games are interested in following teams either via press, TV and the internet. If no one paid to screen the games (ie. Sky, BBC) then it goes to follow that the press wouldn’t write about them because only a very small minority would be interested. In the same way, X Factor probably wouldn’t be so popular if it was a karaoke contest at the Dog and Duck in Dagenham! I find it disingenuous when people like Sir Alex complain about media intrusion and values – surely it goes with the territory. Though of course he has a right not to speak to the BBC if that’s his wish. As for journalists’ perceived lack of ‘strong values’, maybe he should look at some of the players around him before levelling that criticism.

  5. frank says:

    @shinychris well said

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