Horror Hat – Cristiano Ronaldo’s back-to-front baseball cap

cristiano ronaldo hat.jpgIt seems Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo was the victim of a practical joke at the weekend. While the 40 goals a season winger was supposed to be conducting an interview with Match of the Day, some prankster had obviously misled C-Ron into believing he was attending an audition for a New Kids On The Block tribute band. Our money is on Rio Ferdinand being the culprit – the boy’s got form. Keep Hangin’ Tough, C-Ron. Chav-tastic!

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  1. cristiano4liz says:

    So what???? he looks hot

  2. seher says:

    are you imagin sometime the people hat about you and hat your pleying and like other boy no respect for you so what you do tell me mr . cristiano what you do we people doing anything the example is messer becouse we people made it star and we people distroyed remamber

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