Shit Lookalikes – Ronaldo’s transvestite prostitute and Carlos Tevez

Ollie Irish

7th, May 2008

Remember we told you about Ronaldo’s brush with transvestite prostitutes? You must remember. If you can’t, remember when The Sun told you about it then go back 24 hours before that. Now you remember.
Anyway, the main developments since then have been Ronaldo’s fantastic quote: “There were no sexual relations because the moment I discovered they were transvestites I ended the whole thing. I am completely heterosexual, there is no doubt about that.” And also the mildly amusing fact that one of the prostitutes looks a bit like Carlos Tevez. Of course, this begs the question would Ronaldo try to pick up Tevez if he was wearing a dress? Carlitos himself is not averse to such activity as we discovered after his public schoolboy romp with Lucas Neill and Nani!
tranny tevez.jpg

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