Glazers Agree To Sell Man Utd To Printer Company Epson? No, Apparently Not

Ollie Irish

19th, November 2010

By Ollie Irish

… That’s the hot rumour on interweb avenue. More when we have it…

(Of course, this is only a rumour at the moment and it may yet turn out to be a mangled story about United picking up a new sponsor in the form of the Japanese company, which of course is famous for making printers. Zzzz.)

Update: It now looks like this could be a complete balls-up, and that Epsom are instead acquiring Manutech, a manufactuere of industrial cleaning equipment. Ha. Unless that’s also a wind-up, in which case I’m muchos confused.

Update 2: As suspected, it seems Epson have merely become one of United’s premier sponsors. Zzzz.


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