Ungrateful pricks, No.2: Cristiano Ronaldo is off to Real Madrid


16th, May 2008

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C-Ron hints at Spanish move after Champions League final
Cristiano Ronaldo says he may consider his future at the club after next week’s Champions League final – great timing C-Ron, I bet Fergie will be chuffed to hear that.
“I’m happy here, but let’s see what happens after the Champions League final,” Ronaldo told Antena 3, a Spanish TV station, at United’s Carrington training ground. Ooh, the little tease.

“I know Real Madrid like how I play and other teams in Spain do as well,” Ronny continued.
“I have said millions of times that I would love to play in Spain,” Ronaldo is widely reported to have told Antena 3. “But it’s one thing to dream and another thing for it to be a reality… I am feeling calm here. I’m happy here but in the future I don’t know.”
Could he not have waited until after next Wednesday’s final to say this stuff? It’s not exactly a come-and-get-me plea, but it is the sort of pillow talk that will get Real Madrid very aroused in the trouser area.
If I was Fergie, I’d hit the roof over the timing of these remarks, which now threaten to overshadow United’s build-up for the CL final. We all know that Man Utd’s boss doesn’t think twice when getting rid of players who displease him – no matter how big a name they are – but could he replace a unique player like Ronaldo? Almost certainly not. Imagine how much less threatening United’s team sheet looks without him, and you realise that Ronaldo holds most of the cards in this negotiation.

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1 Comment

  1. Mancunian Red says:

    We’re proving we don’t need him, and that feeling grows with every match we play. As much as I loved his game, I still feel a little betrayed by him. OK, in that part of the world you grow up wanting to play for Real or Barca – probably the *only* part of the world where you grow up wanting to play for anyone other than Manchester United in fact – but look at the player he was, the price he was bought for and the faith United placed in him. At his tender age, he could have rewarded us with a few more seasons and still gone to Real as a relatively young player. And when you consider he actually wanted to go sooner?! I see no gratitude here. He was all fancy tricks and no end product, a rough diamond if you will, but Sir Alex polished him into the ballon d’or and world player of the year winning player he is now.

    Apparently he was overjoyed at being the “world’s most expensive player”, and went nuts when Real wished to unveil him at the same time as Kaka…as he wanted his own party. This self-serving attitude was the only thing Sir Alex never managed to rid him of, and it certainly wasn’t in-keeping with the infamous ‘family’ vibe at Old Trafford. At least we can take heart from the fact he will never have a season as good as his now infamous 38 goals season…so, in one respect, we got the best years from him. However, there is much about the man I do not miss. I hope he is happy at Real…as our squad have never looked back.

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