‘I Never Wanted To Join Man City’ – Wayne Rooney Finally Apologises

Chris Wright

26th, November 2010


By Chris Wright

At long last, Manchester United pariah Wayne Rooney has publicly apologised to the fans for his recent bout of ill-advised insubordination, and admitted that he was never entertaining thoughts of joining Manchester City – despite what the tabloid sh*t-flickers would’ve had you believe.

Rooney is quoted by BBC Sport this morning as saying:

“I feel like I have apologised to the fans but everyone keeps saying that I haven’t. If that is the case, then I apologise for my side of things.

“I have made my point clear since I signed my contract that I am committed to this club for the long term. I want to be successful here.

“Everyone is saying that I was definitely going to Manchester City. Believe me if I had gone it wouldn’t have been in England. You see so many players leave this club and not do so well so I am delighted to have stayed.”

Rooney also denied that the elongated dip in form bought on by his recent tribulations was quite as disastrous as many people depicted it to be:

“People are saying how bad I have been playing but I haven’t played enough games for my form to be a disaster. With everything that has happened, the reaction all goes a bit overboard.

“But I have been through patches before when I haven’t played well and come through them. I know 100% I will come through this one.”

Such courage for one so young. Time to forgive and/or forget (delete as applicable)?

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  2. RedSkywalker says:

    Everyone needs to get off his back now

  3. pepperspray says:

    Why, Redskywalker? His greed – at a time when both his club and the vast majority of their supporters are in dire financial straits – coupled with his complete lack of effort with both club and country demonstrate perfectly everything he understands about “loyalty” and “graft”. My Gran’s only scored 2 fewer goals for United this season…

  4. Liverbuddy says:

    Rooney ha ha ha ha blinding missed penalty v Arsenal…

    Rooney is tripe now and long may it continue to the serial adulterer, bed wetter and scruffy chav that he is…

    Man Utd will never win another EPL title in my lifetime ha ha ha ha ha!

    Unlucky Slur Alzheimer, your never going to win that elusive last league title to try and beat the greatest ever English Football team!


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