John O’Shea Breaks Record For Least Accurate Shot In Football History, vs West Ham (Video)

Ollie Irish

1st, December 2010


By Ollie Irish

Summing up Man Utd’s night in east London rather well…

Misdirected by around 90 degrees. He’s on 80 grand a week, that lad. Cash well spent, clearly.

Triffic win for the Irons in the snow, even if it was only the League Cup. Old Avram does seem to have a magic touch in the cups.

Like many Irons fans, I was hoping for 5-0, not only to see how red Fergie’s face would go (as red as his very red hat?) but also because it would have been the first time ever that Real Madrid and Manchester United lost by that rare scoreline on successive days.

Some match photos for West Ham fans to drool over (may contain disgruntled Fergie):

Photos: PA