‘It’s No Secret, The Glazers Will Sell’ – Qatar Plan £1.5bn Man Utd Takeover

Chris Wright

22nd, December 2010


By Chris Wright

The Sun are carrying the EXCLUSIVE! news today that Manchester United’s collective owners, them there Glazer boys, may be about to ‘double their money’ by flogging the club to the Qatari royal family (beats a Burmese junta I guess), who are apparently headed up by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

According to the red-top’s report, United’s future has been ‘thrown into doubt’ after the club’s non-executive director Mike Edelson revealed thus: “It’s no secret that, at some time, the [Glazers] will sell.”

Which all sounds a little obvious to me, but hey-ho. The Sun continue to suggest that the ‘door is now open’ for the Qatari’s to complete a £1.5 billion takeover, that would see the much-loved Yanks recoup over double the amount that they initially invested in the club almost five-and-a-half years ago (£790 million).

Thankfully, an otherwise anonymous ‘Middle East football finance expert’ serendipitously turned up at the SunSport offices this morning to help shed a little light on the speculation:

“They have made tentative moves (into buying United) before with little success, but this time it looks like they could be going for it. Now they have landed the 2022 World Cup, the country wants to expand its influence in the game across the globe.”

Thanks Middle East football finance expert! Goodbye!

I think this may be a straight-up case of 2+2 equalling £1.5 billion.

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  1. tapioca says:

    Err… the Glazers didn’t actually invest any money in Manu, the club simply allowed themselves to be plunged into £¾ billion debt in return for having 4 of the ugliest men I’ve ever laid eyes on occasionally turn up at matches.

  2. Raybuck Luck says:

    Here here!

  3. jason says:

    this may be a mch appreciated christmas present to see the back of the glazers, but the 2 m.u.s.t shirts,ive bought will have to be hung up now. (fingers crossed) but still ONE LOVE.

  4. Cal says:

    I bet Man (Sh)city wont like the sound of that neither will Chelsea because Utd have the force without the money of those 2 and if the take over happens they will have the money and the know how…

  5. Emmy MU says:

    to be honest man utd dont need money to spend we are a strong team and we can win the league,but if we have money to spend then we are the best and will still be the best simple!!!!××

  6. tom says:

    if the money hungry yanks want 2 double their money then let them.weed all like 2 double our money on a deal.the Qatar royal family have a world cup agenda but will clear us of all debt.HAPPY DAYS.Wen the fifa/eufa rules of clubs only spending wat they earn comes in 1 club will be on top.Anybody guess who???

  7. Jimbo says:

    I dont even give a shit about the money. We don’t need the money. What we need is to get rid of the Glazers so as long as they’re stable, as much as I wish it to go back to how it was before, I’d rather have this dude than broke yanks

  8. James says:

    Why does all the bad grammar come out when there’s a Man Utd item?

  9. Emmy MU says:

    what do you mean ↑

  10. chopzy says:

    Everyone knows united fans can’t spell. Hopefully they’ll pump some money in to educating them. I was hoping they’d stay in debt for a bit longer, because most of the fans are spoilt little brats. Still it’s been nice watching them get anxious over City’s progress. Even with a take over they will never have an easy run like all the other seasons. The league has changed for a long time to come. Takeover or no takeover, so don’t get ahead of yourselves boys.

  11. Emmy MU says:

    ok you tell me how the fans are spoilt brats SHITTY are spoilts brats around here they carn’t make a good team so out come their money

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