Transfer rumours: £63m Franck Ribery to replace Cristiano Ronaldo

United make plans to win ugly
ribery.jpgAlex Ferguson knows better than most that Cristiano Ronaldo may move to Real Madrid this summer. Fergie’s first choice to replace C-Ron is Lionel Messi, but there’s zero chance that Messi will swap Barcelona for Manchester.
So, the second best player in the world (Ronaldo) wants to leave Old Trafford, and the best player in the world (Messi) won’t come to Old Trafford. That leaves Fergie with a superstar-shaped hole to fill. The player he has chosen to step into C-Ron’s boots is… drum roll (just pretend you didn’t read the headline)…  Franck Ribery.

According to the Guardian, sources in Munich claim that Bayern have received a world record £62.5m bid for Ribery from United.
£62.5m! Phew, that’s a hell of a lot of money for a 26-year-old player who, in my opinion, has yet to prove he is absolutely world-class. Don’t get me wrong - Ribery is very, very good footballer and he’d be an excellent addition to a squad that is already the strongest in Europe. But I can’t believe he’d make anything like the impact that Ronaldo has; the scar-faced Frenchman wouldn’t sell as many shirts as Ronaldo, nor seduce as many WAGs. As far as Fergie is concerned, that’s a good thing.
Bayern have reportedly turned down United’s initial bid, but only because that’s how the transfer game is played. The Germans couldn’t say yes at the first attempt, although I imagine they provately see £60m+ for Ribery as a brilliant bit of business – especially if Bayern can poach Diego from Werder Bremen, for a quarter of that price.
Until now, I thought that Ronaldo would stay at United. But with news of this Ribery bid, it seems Ferguson is resigned to losing his Portuguese prodigy.
Verdict: Despite this story, I still think Ronaldo will be persuaded to stay. If so, I could see Ribery being tempted by Man City’s cash.
In other Man Utd transfer talk, The Spoiler suggests that Nemanja Vidic has “offered himself” to Barcelona. The reason? Vidic’s wife hates the weather in Manchester.
Verdict: Interesting story, but I can’t see Vidic leaving United. Then again, I would have said the same about another defensive rock: Jaap Stam.

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  1. Man United says:

    Messi is not the best player in the world. C.Ronaldo is. Hello wake up smell the coffee he is the FIFA POY not Messi.

  2. Kipp says:

    Ugh, i’ve said it once i’ll say it again. BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD is misleading. You cannot judge messi’s worth against that of a holding midfielder like mascherano, they do two different and equally important jobs. Messi is the best winger, i think there cannot be a “best player”.

  3. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    There can be only one, Kippster! Face it, it’s Messi.
    Top 5:

  4. kaya says:

    I really, really like Franck. I really don’t like Man U, so I would rather not see him go there. I doubt he’d be lured to Man City just for the money.

  5. Kipp says:

    Oh well if thats the way of it ollie!
    3.C. Ronaldo
    4.Frank Lampard

  6. virgilio says:

    Messi is the BEST PLAYER OF THE WORLD, no doubt…
    Cristiano ronaldo can never like messi, not in his
    dreams, not ever….
    MESSI is simply the best.

  7. Adam says:

    Well Ribery is under contract to FCB till 2011 so they have to sell him, he can’t just “leave”. Also I see zero chance of him going to Man City. Ribery stated that the only reason he would want to leave is because Bayern might not make the champions league next year and he’d want to go to another team that did make it into the competition. (this is amusing because looking up his history he had never been on a champions league team until he came to Bayern) Last time I checked though, Man City was nowhere near making it into the champions league next season.

  8. Bruno says:

    Hey kipp wake up and smell the coffee. Ronaldo already won best player of the world. So go suck messi dick

  9. Unbiased says:

    It’s this type of irresponsible and insensible journalism that infuriates me. The rumors are only coming from the media and not the players mouths. It’s funny how the media takes an innocent comment from Ronaldo and manipulates it into garbage. Articles like this one are floating all over the web at all times of day, but where are the articles praising his superb performance against Arsenal?

  10. Miguel says:

    This makes me laugh it really does, flawed press makes no sense whatsoever.
    And Kipp think before you type. that’s quite ignorant to say. Ronaldo has already won world player of the year and currently still is the worlds best player.
    Now i am assuming your just some fanboy of messi’s so ill let you sit on his jock, but for the time being messi has nothing on Ronaldo I’m sorry my friend. Ronaldo still is the best in the world with messi being second respectively.
    Until messi wins a champions league title, let alone play’s in a champions league final he will always be second, if barca somehow makes it to the final this year I’m sure they will take second next to Manchester united.

  11. hannaahhhh says:

    :O ronaldo better stay at united! he’s awesome … ill cry if he leaves :(

  12. Kipp says:

    Yeahhhhh, won the fifa wpa for LAST year so take ronaldo’s jock out of your ear and calm down

  13. kaya says:

    Hmm. Maybe you should start a Best Player in the World post so these guys can jock each other off.

  14. abhisek says:

    hey man! have u gone mad. c.ron is not going to leave old trafford at any cost. and of course HE’S THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD AND NOT LEO….O.K. MIND IT!!!!!

  15. michael says:

    not once have i seen rooneys name anywer best positional player messi best goal scorer ronaldo best overal player MR WAYNE ROONEY

  16. leo says:

    MESSI is the best…if ronaldo is more famous than messi.its just coz he’s in epl…ronaldo dont have the talent messi has…did anyone seen him doing tricks & succeedif 3or more opponents are beside him…also he’s best in acting..
    messi’s ability is really superb..great player with great talent..

  17. peter says:

    C. ronaldo is the best in the world at every aspect of the game except defense. FACT. Messi is verrry good but not the best, he will win wfboty simply because barca got so dam lucky in the final, yes they outplayed them but in only one game, since man u did not play to their potential.

  18. Adar Han says:

    Ribery barselona transfer

  19. opik says:

    all wrong!!
    top 5 players
    2.Del piero
    5.Soesilo Bambang Yoedhoyono

  20. Dowletmyrat says:

    C.Ronaldo is the best football player of the world. Manchester United is the best team of world!!!!!!!!

  21. the legent of football says:

    kaka is best player in the world.
    my dream team is;
    4)Ahad(andha)malvani goaly new signing from Mumbai fc to manchester united-(goalkeeper)

  22. SUNDAYAGOK says:

    MESSI is aworld best player of the year but c.ronaldo isn,t becoz argentina striker is mofe talents in a very position of dodging defenders to score the goals and more planning for another players to score their goal
    messi is a best player of the year 55% percent
    while c.ronaldo is 45%percentage to the second

  23. xávier says:

    messi is the best player. he’s top goal scorer in 10-11 season and also toped assist’s. now dig this c.ronaldo’s pussies !

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