Video: Cristiano Ronaldo sulks after being substituted in the Manchester derby

Ollie Irish

11th, May 2009

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C-Ron doesn’t fear Fergie’s hairdryer, clearly

Cristiano Ronaldo Moody Moment Against CityThe best bloopers are here
Quite unbelievable really. Can you imagine any other player doing this in front of Fergie? Normally it would mean career suicide, and a one-way ticket out of Old Trafford, but because Ronaldo is so valuable to United, he can get away with such a remarkable display of petulance.

In public, Fergie trotted out the old line. United’s boss said: “He wanted to stay on. He’s in great form but I have to look at the big picture.
“We have to think about keeping him as fresh as we can. It’s fabulous that they want to play. Of course he wants to play, you know what he’s like.”

Yeah, we know exactly what he’s like: he’s a big sulky girl who frequently forgets that football is a team game.

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1 Comment

  1. Tommy says:

    well he is Portuguese…

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