Amazing stat of the day: Man Utd are bullies

Ollie Irish

14th, May 2009


United’s performance against the Prem’s strugglers is the key to their success this season…
6a00e5517ffd46883301156f5fe153970b-500wi.jpgAs Manchester United prepare to win the Premier League against Arsenal – an act of rubbing it in not seen since Monica Lewinsky left the Oval Office – we wonder if, well, they won’t.

This season so far, United have won 22 and drawn one of their matches against the Premier League’s bottom 12 sides. Against the top eight sides, United have only five wins from 13.

Which explains how the Premier League’s set up (lots of mediocre teams, not many good ones) works to United’s benefit…

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  1. N says:

    If i remember properly, liverpool are the only team to play well against the big four this year. Why havent you singled out chelsea and arsenal for criticism too. and btw genius if liverpool could beat these so called “weak teams” then they wouldnt really be in second place would they. Plus, its pretty much well known that united played their best football last season, it just go to show that we dont even have to go into 3rd gear to win the prem league…

  2. Tommy says:

    oooo touchy touchy…i think all ollie is doing here is stating the obvious….everyone knows that consistency is what wins the epl, that is nothing new…
    and i dont think ollie is saying that anyone but united should win the epl…so im confused and the snide genius comment…
    and i guess by “we” you “mean” them because i havent seen “N” on the back of any united jerseys…at least not any on the pitch at Old Trafford…
    just my thoughts though…

  3. kazimkazim says:

    Oh dear, can someone pick up that dummy?

  4. Thomas says:

    Your argument doesn’t hold water because they’ve won the champions league last year and they will appear in the final again this year.

  5. Niko says:

    United in crap teams are easier to beat shocker!

  6. Niko says:

    United in crap teams are easier to beat shocker!

  7. jeneria says:

    This isn’t a dig at Man U as much as it’s
    pointing out the obvious, the EPL has
    three distinct levels–the elite which is
    comprised of only 4 teams at the
    moment, Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea, and
    Arsenal; the middling which is Villa to
    Man City; and the bottom which is
    everyone else. That means half of the
    EPL right now isn’t very good which
    makes it easy for a consistent team like
    Man U to cruise to title after title.
    Given the imbalance of
    the EPL in favor of middling to poor
    teams, it’s not hard to see how Man U
    maintain their domination. There are,
    theoretically, only three to five (giving props to Villa and Everton) teams that might
    make them break a sweat.

  8. Louwrens says:

    If Liverpool were really the best team in England they wouldn’t have had any problems beating all the “strugglers” – Stoke anyone? The league is not about beating the top four, it’s about beating as many teams as possible.

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