Flashback: Liverpool fans taunt Man Utd with ill-advised banner

Ollie Irish

19th, May 2009


Pride before a fall and all that
Liverpool fans: Come back when you’ve won 18!
United fans: Hi, remember that banner you held up in 1994? Yeah, about that…
Now who’ll be the first to 19? Hmm, I know who my money’s on (United, if that wasn’t already clear).
[@ Football Banter]

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  1. LFC says:

    Dear Ollie,
    As a supporter of the pathetic Tottenham; laughing-stock of the Premier League, you’re hardly in a position to judge the performance of Liverpool. Come to think of it, you’re not in a position to comment on the top four, considering your inexperience with anything higher than a 5th placed finish! Henceforth, please refrain from opening your fat gob to criticize Liverpool, until you become acquainted with some silverware. You bitter Yid!

  2. Flemming says:

    Lol @LFC.
    Yeah, that’s how it should work. Only fans of certain teams should be allowed to comment on the top four. A statement like “I think Man U will reach 19 Premiership titles before Liverpool” is completely ridiculous if you support Spurs.
    Who’s really bitter?

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