Who is the first name on Man Utd’s Champions League final team sheet?

Ollie Irish

20th, May 2009


Guess which player has been confirmed as a definite starter for United in Rome
Fergie revealed today the first name in his starting XI against Barcelona on 27 May. Who do you think could be? Answer after the jump…

john-o-shea-manchester-united-derby-county2.jpgWell done if you answered John O’Shea. The Irishman will start at right-back in the Champions League final, Fergie admitted today.

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  1. KF says:

    Park Ji Sung is actually the first ;-). Fergie has said since last year how guilty he felt leaving Park out & said Park is definitely in the team at the United end of season awards.

  2. Ollie @ Pies says:

    I thought Park was guaranteed a place in the match-day squad, not not necessarily in the starting XI.

  3. Hootie says:

    I fail to understand Fergie continuing to select O’Shea for big European matches. It would make more sense if he wasn’t mistake prone or, for that matter, shit, but he is both of those.

  4. OmegaSupreme says:

    O’Shea and Park are shit. Henry will be laughing his cock off when he reads this.

  5. anna lowman says:

    I really like Park! He works incredibly hard. O’Shea I have less of an opinion about…

  6. OmegaSupremeIsAnIdiot says:

    you’re a joke. O shea has been so good this year, and very consistent and completely deserves to be there, Henry would be laughing if GNev was playing or inexperienced Rafael, Get a grip Omega

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