The Champions League final, reaction in quotes

Ollie Irish

28th, May 2009

_45833862_ronaldo466.jpg“Barcelona are a brilliant team and in my opinion Andres Iniesta is the best player in the world, he’s incredible.” Wayne Rooney
“In our best performances this season we have defended very well, but the defending was shoddy.” Alex Ferguson
“You have to give credit to a very good Barcelona team. If they get in front of you they are very difficult to beat. They kept possession of the ball and made it very difficult to get back. When we did get possession we didn’t do well with it. Credit to them, the better team won.” Fergie again

“Everything went wrong. We didn’t control the game and we lost. I think Barcelona played better than us and they deserved to win.” Cristiano Ronaldo
“At times Barcelona can make you look silly as they keep the ball so well.” Ryan Giggs. You said it, Ryan
“I’m leaving, I’m leaving tomorrow, right away. I can’t do anything else. I’m delirious. We are not the best team in Barcelona’s history. But we have played the best season in history.” For Pep Guardiola, the only way is down
“You always remember winners. Sometimes you can play good football but if you don’t bring back silverware it doesn’t count.” Thierry Henry, a winner in Europe at last
“We have not been cowards, never in the match. There’s nothing more dangerous than not taking risks.” Guardiola again
“This is the most important win of my life. I am the happiest man alive and I am happy for myself, for my family and for my country.” Lionel Messi
“We have made history and I am very thrilled, especially for everyone in the team. Personally, I felt comfortable and I am satisfied to have played my part.” Xavi
“I dedicate this to our people, who have fought and experienced the same suffering as the team did.” Carles Puyol

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