Spot the difference: Steven Gerrard’s kiss v Ryan Giggs’ kiss

Ollie Irish

29th, May 2009


Ah, gotta love the rivalry between Man Yoo and the Bin-dippers, especially when it comes up with priceless comedy like this…
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  1. thetruth says:

    i can spot the difference, there is a world class player in the photo on the left

  2. seamus says:

    The one on the right is considered pornography because of all the cunts…

  3. Theo says:

    You guys are so biase. Of course you’re going to put this on a T-shirt but did you ever think of putting the 1 – 4 humiliation on a T-shirt?

  4. ross says:

    the guy on the right has got eleven prem titles and the one on teh right would kill to have one. the guy on the right has 2 champions league winners medals and one losers one, the one on the left has only won it once and lost it once.
    the one on the right will be remembered as the best left winger in the prem ever the one in the middle will only be remember as on of the best midfielders in a big group of them ever.
    the one on the left wishes he was in a team with the one on the right then he and torres wouldnt have to do all teh work. the one on the right just knows hes in the right team

  5. Satya says:

    the one on the left has many more years left to play and the one in the right is done.
    the one in the left is considered as one of the greatest and though so many trophies the right one never made it right.
    The left is GOD and the right is just another player.

  6. Satya says:

    You pathetic MANU(gays)supporters u always deserved to be raped like we did at old trafford

  7. Sean says:

    Ha ha ha! United 0 Barca 2…..Priceless…..

  8. Vips says:

    I think this is a trick question… The only thing I can see is ‘who ate all the pies!!’

  9. dd says:

    the one on the right… never had a chance to play in world cup…

  10. Sean says:

    And with 5 Euro titles we are STILL on our f**king perch
    Ha ha! Totally and utterly outclassed by a virtually cost nothing team in Barcelona. To be fair they were only missing 2 fullbacks and a centre half so just imagine if they had had their first team out.
    Manchester Partied all night as there were no Man Utd fans to stop the party

  11. David Allison says:

    The only similarity I can spot between God and Gerrard is that they both move in mysterious ways; the latter can magically hit the deck with no-one within 10 yards…

  12. Vips says:

    Obvious… The player on the right deserved his award this year!

  13. Vips says:


  14. Egg says:

    The one on the right plays for a teamt that is so obsessed with the team on the left they even have to make T-Shirts about it.

  15. Alonso says:

    Both are set to become legend.. thats all. I can see there is a monkey behind the pic(author of this thread).. Gud fan respect gud players.

  16. Ollie @ Pies says:

    Not cool, Alonso.

  17. PakNdak says:

    Yeah, the one on the right kissed the cup after winning it, the guy on the left kissed the camera after beating the one on the right 4-1..Class…

  18. mizman says:

    Giggsy could get a job if he wasn’t a footballer….

  19. redborn says:

    we still have the cup steve g kissed you have only a photo so stick it back in your album or better still stick up your proverbial

  20. rob says:

    The player on the left wasn’t humiliated on Wednesday?
    AIG “Ain’t Iniesta Great”

  21. Haha Dippers says:

    Go on Liverpool!
    Revel in the glory of your fewest league defeats trophy, best goal difference cup and 4-1 at Old Trafford shield.

  22. Jonski says:

    Theo you stated “the one on the right will be remembered as the best left winger in the prem ever the one in the middle will only be remember as on of the best midfielders in a big group of them ever” Surely it is more prestigous to be the best of a big group rather than the best of only one…. You dick!!

  23. Jonski says:

    mizman, you are very very wrong because after we won the cup for the FIFTH time, we got to keep that one and a new one was made, so the one Stevie G kissed we have in our trophy cabinet. gotta love Manc fans….

  24. Andy says:

    World class player on the left? I just pissed myself LOL! How many titles has Gerrard won with Liverpool? Compare that to the titles that Giggs has won!I think you’ve just been OWNED mayte ;)

  25. j murray says:

    yes granted, untied won the league, and ye well played. But on that day Liverpool out played yous and you cudnt answer it all day

  26. ProudSupporterOfLiverpoo says:

    Although i’m a liverpoo supporter, i think this picture is great… Liverpoo is shit.. YNWA – You’ll never win anything. The picture show it all..

  27. KAUSER says:

    Liverpoo??? I’ve never heard of them before,must be a team in a forein league or something. As for the YNWA comment,it is a fact that have won something so that statement ‘you’ll never win anything’ is very inaccurate and untrue!

  28. david says:

    Ha all u sad liverpool fans who cant even finish 4th you are all shit and will never win a trophy again have u seen ur shit team insua skrtl tht greek fat cunt go eat rat in a council house with steven gerrard the little peado weho shagged a 15 year old & torres the tranny who sells his ass at albert dock

  29. david says:

    sean u twat like u could beat barca u couldnt even beat portsmouth so ur shit with lucas and ur star player darby….NOT!!!

  30. david says:

    u lose 1 player u die united lose one of the best in the world and tevez we still challenge for title u dont even give keane a go just sell im with ur big fatass spanish manager who says fergie cn only talk about facts thn we take over thm

  31. Gary says:

    Spot the difference here !!

  32. Danny says:

    Giggs kisses trophies?LOL.Terry kisses trophies

  33. Anonymous says:

    The one on the left can never win the premiership trophy(wins camera) & the one on the left has won the premiership more times than all Chelsea’s trophy combined.

  34. daniel says:

    gerrard is a cunt !! a bin dipping scouse cunt !

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