What does Kaka’s move to Real Madrid mean for Cristiano Ronaldo?

Ollie Irish

3rd, June 2009


With Kaka set to sign for Real Madrid in the next few days, where does that leave Madrid’s acknowledged No.1 target, Cristiano Ronaldo?
On the face of it, you might think Madrid had chosen one marquee player over another. But with the amazing – and galling – success of rivals Barcelona this season, Real president Florentino Perez is desperate to build a team capable of getting the better of Pep Guardiola and co.

To that end, Perez is willing to spend as much as £200m. £100m of that will probably be spent on Kaka and Bayern’s Franck Ribery, leaving just enough cash to blow on C-Ron.
In other words, Real want to hoover up any world-class players who they can get their hands on, even if it means spending silly amounts of cash – and all to get back at Barcelona.
Looks like a new team of Galacticos is taking shape, then; Kaka and Ribery don’t have huge egos, but Ronaldo’s is more than “Galactic” enough for all three of them. Whether that works for Madrid remains to be seen. I think it’s a dangerous way to assemble a team – Barca’s current team has taken years to develop, and you can’t just make a shopping list and expect titles to follow.

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  1. Oh Hai says:

    Well said. Ronaldo is hardly going to be excited with the shower of shit currently at Madrid. I’m sure Kaka and Ribery can make him think he can be part of a new big thing.

  2. jack says:

    I agree. why do madrid always throw money around and expect instant succsess, the whole galactico thing didnt really work out last time so why does perez think its going to work this time. I think ronaldo should stay, in my opinion both utd fans and fergie allow ronaldo a unbeleivable amount of freedom and give him support even when hes having a bad game, he wont get that in madrid, he’ll have so much pressure to perfrom every game in front of a very unforgiving crowd, but i might be wrong and it is ronaldo after all, at least he can have a constant tangerine tinge, maybe phil brown can join him.

  3. Felix says:

    As much as the whole galacticos idea is stupid and as much as Madrid should be looking at their defence, I can’t help but drool at the idea of these three playing in the same team.
    I mean wow, get two solid Essien-types behind them and you’re sorted! Will be interesting to see how this develops!

  4. sosa says:

    I love kaka. World Best Soccer

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