Liverpool supporters group chants about Munich air disaster at end-of-season party

Ollie Irish

9th, June 2009


sos.pngMuch consternation in Manchester with the YouTube release of a video shot at the Spirit of Shankly’s end-of-season party, showing people chanting “Munich!” during a singer’s live performance.
Spirit of Shankly (formerly Sons of Shankly) is the self-appointed official supporters’ union of Liverpool FC. Self-righteous, much?
As I wrote in my column for, it’s laughable and ironic that this band of staunch Liverpool supporters claims to uphold the good name of Bill Shankly, as the very thought of singing merrily about the Munich air disaster would have appalled Shankly.
Watch the video below…

SoS has quickly issued an apology for the Munich chants, but the damage is done.
Of course, both sets of supporters are as bad as each other, but this time the high ground belongs to United’s fans.
Thanks to Scott @ Republik of Mancunia for the tip. As Scott points out, imagine how much bigger the uproar would be if United fans were filmed singing about Hillsborough – yet singing about Munich is just as bad.

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  1. AK says:

    as a liverpool fan thats disgusting

  2. Mike says:

    It is a shame to hear this. I do not like to hear any chants over people dying. Mancheaster United fans sing about the Hillsborough. Both acts should not happen but you can’t stop some mindless people I suppose.

  3. steve says:

    The Jam Utd Pox are just as bad, and also have a deep and unhealthy obsession about Liverpool.

  4. Simon Borg says:

    I am an ardent Liverpool supporter, and find these acts stupid, childish and idiotic however I find it very hard that you can catagorise everyone in the same bracket you’ll find your supporters act worse but I cannot condemn all Utd supporters. So heres to more rivalry in a sportive manner. YNWA

  5. Richard Quincy says:

    I am a united fan and was in Rome – sadly i heard many of our fans chanting about heysel and hillsborough – thankfully for both united and liverpool it is only a minority of idiots chanting such disrespectful songs

  6. GC says:

    I was at the Spirit of Shankly do and I can assure you that the guy presenting the bands was very angry with the singer in question. But it does beg the question as to whether he knew this material would be covered and he could have done a lot more to have the singer removed. Whilst there were lots of drunk people singing along I can assure you that a lot of Liverpool fans were disgusted. You can’t have Hillsborough and Justice for the 96 banners if you are going to come out with this.

  7. Jim says:

    AS an ardent Liverpool fan I am apalled to hear this went on. There is no defence for singing these type of songs whatever team you support. These people do not represent my football club or me!!!

  8. andrew stafford says:

    every single day in the work environment i witness this kind of taunting or whatever you want to call it.
    unfortunately it’s human nature and always will one set of supporters is to blame more than the other,as they all do it.
    always have always will.
    we are the most cruel animal on the planet!

  9. Chas says:

    as a scouser and member of SOS (although I wasn’t there) I would like to reiterate the point that this was totally out of order and I’m sorry thats it’s happened.
    The sad thing is that you’ll always get morons like this in all clubs with the Hilsborough and Hysel chants aimed at us as well as this stuff aimed t the Mancs……….. sad……

  10. Scott says:

    Whilst fans of both teams know there are a minority of fans who sing about Munich and Hillsborough, it is important to note this video isn’t of some mindless yob outside a pub in Anfield on a Saturday night. This is at the club’s supporters’ union. These are the people being quoted in the newspapers on a daily basis at the moment, chosen as representatives of Liverpool’s fans.
    The SOS have condemned the actions of the singer and crowd, now that the events have been made public knowledge, but that doesn’t explain why they allowed it to continue. It takes a few seconds to turn a mic off, so why on earth was he allowed to continue singing? If the SOS truly disagreed with this behaviour they would have put a stop to it at the time.
    If I was a Liverpool fan, I would be SERIOUSLY concerned about the SOS associating themselves with my club and using the name of a great man. They are an embarrassment.

  11. RafatheRed says:

    Why did you even post this bile????
    The person who posted this is as deplorable as the singer and morally corupt!
    Remove the post and take a look at yourself

  12. RED ARMY! says:

    It seems 96 really was not enough!

  13. Steve says:

    I am a season ticket holder and am a die hard Liverpool supporter. I do not condone in any way what was sang, but before this pathetic article gathers more pace, and the line of ‘United have the moral high ground’ can I bring you back down to earth with a bump..
    For years United have sang about Hillsborough and Hysel. For years United have called Liverpool supporters ‘Murderers’.
    So before you trawl through the internet for more damning evidence to have a pop at us about (I must say your obsession with us is unhealthy) perhaps you could look at yourselves and have a listen to the sick twisted chants you sing about us.

  14. Cynic says:

    The people who mock the losses of Munich, Hillsborough and Heysel are sick. The idea that it’s in any way funny to laugh at somebody else’s death – at the killing of a child, a father or mother, somebody’s son or daughter – is frankly disgusting.
    As a Liverpool fan myself I am deeply ashamed of Spirit of Shankly – a disgrace to the great man’s name. Shame on you. The only decent thing to do now is disband.
    It’s not true that you always get morons like this at all clubs – this vile behaviour is becoming endemic to Liverpool and Man Utd and must be stopped now and forever – fans should be excluded just as they would if they were chanting racist abuse.
    There’s no room in these two great clubs – England’s two greatest clubs – for these repulsive people and their disgusting behaviour.
    And that includes some of the posters to this messageboard. Grow up you morons.

  15. Cally says:

    Have to laugh at Kanwar thanking his other alter ego Scott for yet another anti LFC scoop. What a strange little man.

  16. A.W: says:

    Shame on you! Yes, we are all supporters of our beloved club and for all of us the rivalry with the Mancs is really not just an urban legend. However, to abuse such a tragedy for celebrating leaves me just speechless. Sometimes it’s a pity that a club can not choose what kind of people actually are allowed to be their supporters…

  17. 5ForKeeps says:

    See Scott The Red, is doing his rounds again. ROM are the biggest bunch of Liverpool haters going. The amount of articles that are re-routed back in the news now web site Liverpool section is unreal from the ROM.
    Try having healthy discussion on football on there without their fans having a go about the 96.
    I for one am disappointed to see that the SOS group has done this. Much like the United players at there Christmas party a couple of years ago singing songs about Liverpool FC and Hillsborough.
    Hateful songs have no place in football espeically songs about Hillsborough, Heysel and Munich….

  18. LFC JOHN says:


  19. Liam says:

    Im a Liverpool fan and couldnt be more ashamed…

  20. Monty says:

    It’s sickening. But I didn’t notice an article on here after the CL final in Moscow last year when several United PLAYERS volubly sang ‘we won it three times … without killing anyone’ on the pitch. What was that? The moral high ground?

  21. FRAN says:

    I am a member of the Spirit of Shankly and that is disgusting. Here is the SOS reply
    there is no justifying the chants they are disgusting and deplorable, no excuse for this.
    But this really shouldn’t be about tit for tat or “taking the moral high ground”.
    Every club has idiot fans like this and they should be ashamed of themselves.
    Can’t believe this is newsworthy though.

  22. Ed says:

    It’s to SOS’s discredit that this firstly it happened. Then wasn’t stopped…. There are morons in club’s fanbase. If SOS want to represent fans in what is the clubs most crucial battle, then they need to rout these people out and ban them… Same for the other lot down the East Lancs Road…No one here has got the moral high ground, especially R.O.M. Whose bile against Liverpudlians is quite frankly warped.
    As for Steve above, wanting SOS to disbanded over this incident, when the bigger picture at Anfield dictates that their work on the Hick and Gillett ownership is vital to all LFC supporters. It’s stupidly naive and an over-reaction. SOS like their AFC United counterparts, do great work in the interests of real fans of both clubs, where as R.O.M. are exactly what they are, a juvenile website that discredits a great club and a great fan-base… The secret is for SOS to move quickly and decisively and rid their organisation of the Phlebs that sing these songs. That’s the only way they would keep credibility and keep up the fight against the real enemy. Gillett and Hicks.

  23. jammo says:

    im a liverpool fan and i think thats pretty messed up but hillsborough gets sung about aswell so i suppose we are as bad as each other

  24. Paul S says:

    This is a disgrace and the person who started the song should be named and shamed and banned from Anfield for life. As a Liverpool fan I would like to see SOS disbanded. They have no credibility after this. I understand that it was posted online by a French Liverpool fan that was unaware of what was being sung, as were most other people in attendance until it was too late.
    However, I would like to ask if this SCOTT, who thoughtfully brought this outrage to the attention of Who Ate All The Pies, is the same SCOTT who regularly contributes to the republicofmancunia website?
    A website that sells T shirts and other merchandise exploiting the deaths at Heysel – for profit?
    Talk about malice aforethought!
    23 people died in the Munich air crash; 39 people died at Heysel and 96 people died at Hillsborough.
    Anyone who sings songs about any of these tragedies or sells T shirts as advertised by the republicofmancunia should be treated with the contempt they deserve. They are the worst kind of hypocrites

  25. ubermick says:

    As a lifelong Liverpool fan, and a regular on, I have to say that the video of this lot is an absolute disgrace. Spirit of Shankly my arse – Shanks would be rolling in his grave at the thought of his “sons” behaving like this. The apology from SOS falls FAR short of a credible explanation too. I hope the footballing world doesn’t think that this is indicative of our supporters – they certainly don’t speak for us.

  26. phil says:

    Anyone who is surprised by this obviously doesn’t go to the match. The vile songs Liverpol, United, Everton, Man City, and Leeds fans sing celebrating deaths associated with football is appalling but to blame the SOS is absurd.As a member I know that they were shocked at what happened but these football fans who hide behind keyboards need to be braver and confront the singers of these songs themselves.This is a collective problem within football-wake up and those without sin cast the first stone.

  27. Brian says:

    “Thanks to Scott @ Republik of Mancunia for the tip. As Scott points out, imagine how much bigger the uproar would be if United fans were filmed singing about Hillsborough – yet singing about Munich is just as bad.”
    This is the same Republik of Mancunia that PROFIT from selling t-shirts distastefully satirising the Heysel disaster?!?
    Here, Mr Kettle, what are you on?
    Mr Pot.

  28. Ollie says:

    I didn’t know that RoM sold those T-shirts. That’s not on, obviously.

  29. 5ForKeeps says:

    Finally, I am delighted we have snuffed ROM and Scott The Red out

  30. Judy says:

    There is no higher ground. That’s daft! No true supporter of ANY club would do such a thing. True supporter care about the reputation of their club. They are ignorant idiots. Don’t give these people a forum by posting them on YouTube. They won’t feel shame tomorrow.
    From a Liverpool Supporter.

  31. Scott says:

    Firstly, RoM doesn’t make a profit from the shop. Spreadshirt make the profit, we just cover our costs.
    Secondly, chants about Heysel are NOT mocking the dead. Liverpool FC chairman, John Smith, claimed it was CHELSEA FANS responsible for Heysel. Incredible! This was the official line of the club until 2005 when the club acknowledged their wrong-doing for the first time, ahead of the Liverpool vs Juve game. This was met with the whistles and back-turning of the Juve fans, so disgusted that it had taken the club 20 years to admit they were wrong! (Just as Liverpool fans have been waiting 20 years for South Yorkshire Police to acknowledge their wrong-doing at Hillsborough). The chants about Heysel started whilst Liverpool were still denying responsibility and now more than anything are used to celebrate how many European Cups we’ve won.
    Do not forget that this season Liverpool fans chanted about being murderers during their 2-0 victory at Goodison Park. They can make light of the Heysel tragedy because it is not theirs. No United fan would ever refer to themself as a Munich, just as no Liverpool fan would take lightly the events of Hillsborough, because they are OUR tragedies, where our own lost their lives.
    Munich songs mock the dead. Heysel songs confront Liverpool with their rotten past, a past they denied for 20 years.

  32. Alan says:

    Same with the Hillsborough chants Scotty? And i hope the relatives of the people who died at Heysel agree with you that they’re fair game.
    By condoning this, you’re no better than the scumbags signing the Munich songs. Disappointing, if not surprising.

  33. Paul says:

    Scott the Red, you just dont get it do you?
    (by the way are you also Jaimie Kanwar, what other names do you post under?)
    I posted this on another site in response to someone like you and it bears repeating
    T-shirts, no it’s not okay to use the deaths of 39 fans at Heysel to make Manchester Utd fans feel good. Nor is it okay to sell badges or hoodies or other merchandise referring to Heysel. Nor is it okay to sing about it. Just because the victims were foreign does not mean that they cannot be offended, or that their memories should not be respected.
    Fact: Heysel was a result of football hooliganism by Liverpool and Juventus fans, which coupled with the poor state of the stadium and the incompetence of authorities, resulted in 39 fans being crushed to death. Both Juventus and Liverpool and fans were instigators. If you don’t believe me read the opinions of Brian Glanville and Danillo Paparazzo who get far closer to the truth of the matter than your ill informed comments.
    While your at it why not read Bill Buford’s “Among the Thugs: The Experience, and the Seduction, of Crowd Violence” and his time with Manchester Utd fans, or how about:
    You may develop a more balanced view and see how easily Heysel could have happened to Manchester Utd fans if they had been fortunate enough to travel outside the UK in the Seventies and Eighties. Just as Hillsborough could have happened to any other set of fans.
    Yes you have won it three times. Well done.
    But to link that fact to Heysel makes you as bad as the morons who taunt about the Munich air crash. How would you feel if someone sold T-shirts and merchandise online referencing that tragedy in conjunction with the number of times they had won it?
    If you bumped into someone displaying such a badge or T-shirt would you find it amusing? Or would you complain vociferously to the London and Manchester centric national press such as The Guardian, The Observer et al? Knowing full well that you would be almost certainly guaranteed an easy ride.
    There is no moral high ground here. You don’t care about Heysel; indeed you take a perverse pleasure in it.
    The 39 victims at Heysel along with the 96 fans who died at Hillsborough and the 23 individuals who died in Munich serve as pawns in a sick game of who can be the most offensive. It is clear that from your comments that you are as intent on spreading this quasi-sectarian nonsense as the moron on that You Tube clip. You are part of the problem.
    Look up the word Support in a dictionary sometime, along with the word Hubris.
    You might learn something.

  34. Paul says:

    Oh, and Scott, the Liverpool fans who responded to Everton taunts of Murderers by singing back to them: 2 – 0 to the Murderers – were being ironic, it was in extremely poor taste, but there you go.
    Where is your condemnation of the Manchester United fans that practically beg opposition fans to sing about the Munich air crash when they come to Old Trafford or when United are away? How many times have Manchester United fans sung: – Where’s Your Munich Song – to Manchester City or Liverpool fans, when they are clearly not singing anything abusive and simply supporting their team?
    Admit it, they do it in the hope that some moron will respond so that they can let loose a well-rehearsed torrent of filth about Heysel and Hillsborough, or some other outrage.
    How many media organisations have you contacted in outrage about this You Tube clip? How many of those organisations are aware of the equally disgusting merchandise you peddle on republicofmancunia? Are you Scott? Are you republicofmancunia? Perhaps you are a friend of Jamie Kanwar, or maybe you are one and the same. Jaimie was interviewed on republicofmancunia a while back as you may recall. Jaimie is a Liverpool fan that posts negative stories online about Liverpool, and has nothing but good things to say about you?
    How convenient! How sad!
    The truth will out.

  35. Paul says:

    Quote from Scott: Firstly, RoM (republicofmancunia) doesn’t make a profit from the shop. Spreadshirt make the profit, we just cover our costs.
    Oh,….. that’s alright then Scott, so glad you cleared that one up.
    It’s certainly put my mind at ease!
    You’re a Manchester United supporter running a not for profit organisation that sells disgusting T-shirts exploiting the fact that 39 people died at a football match. Al this to make you and your mates feel better about yourselves.
    Have you thought about registering as a charity?

  36. Tufty, Runcorn says:

    Justice for the 39.

  37. roee says:

    it’s bad thing as israeli liverpool fan i don’t think that liverpl fan need to do taht/\

  38. meinnit - mancity real manchester says:

    manchester unitedd
    kung foo cuntana
    keane to break legs
    red nose whisckey scottoscth buy all the best players from our rivals and if i can’t dis-credit them – rafa, some shit ex bolton manager about crossing arms gesture, r madrid – virus leeds rio, rooney everton, berbacrap spurs, and feeding manc players to everton the list goes on. board member in FA, not talkn to the beeb. vile man. so who is to blame? althoough it looks like am focusing on fercuntson well maybe i am. BUT IF YOU ALSO NOTICE ALL PLAYERS HUG AND CONGRATS AFTER A BIG GAMES SKY SETANTA BULID UP AND IN ALL OUR EYES CRUCIAL GAMES. ALL PLAYERS SEEM TO THINK ITS A RESPECTFULL AND FAIR A GAME IT IS (MINUS THAT LIL FUCKN SPAZZY CUNT NEVILLE AND CHELSEA SEMI-FINAL CARRYON)ITS US THE FANS WHO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS ONGOING BLAH BLAH. WHY DONT WE ALL JUST CANCELL OUR SPORT TV AND WATCH THESE PLAYERS START PLAYING FOR THE SOUL OF A CLUB RATHER THAN CASH – SKY SETANTA MONEY. IF WE ALL TURNED OUR BACKS YOU MIGHT SEE PLAYERS WANTING TO PLAY FOR A TEAM THEY HAVE A CONNECTION TO RATHER THAN BERVBA 35MILL RIO 30 MILL, COLE SWITCH, ETC.
    we the fans fight and go on lone into the valley when the players enjoy heaven in their mansions and a martins. we fight they laugh on boats cars and champers. we struggle to pay mortgagaes etc and fight each other over team loyalty. LOYALTY MY ARSE!

  39. meinnit - mancity real manchester says:

    scott you are a pure lickle cunt – mancity fc

  40. red from outta manchester says:

    the real tragedy here is the ribubic of mancuntia
    you could say.. so what 3 stars and killed no one
    when you get into the big league of four and five stars then some people have to die??????????????????????????? so who’s got the bollocks? not shit holeutd and before you all start am a city fan sick of hearing this dribble from them outside of manchester in’old trafford’going on about how great and pure they are…….well regardless its all bollocks

  41. Justice for the 96 says:

    To ‘Red Army’ (96 was really not enough) the SOS are having a meeting at 1pm Zeligs Liverpool One tomorrow maybe you would like to come along and elaborate on your comment??

  42. True Red says:
    Read this article to understand what we won it 3 times without killing anyone really means. Plus why would Liverpool fans blame Chelsea fans for it? Just because they heard a few london accents.

  43. Ashish says:

    As a United fan what happened at SOS was disgusting.I also must say that I don’t agree with Scott.Scott’s main argument behind singing ‘without killing anyone’ chants is to confront Liverpool over the denial of their involvement.At the same time he also says that ‘our conscience is clear and we don’t have others blood on our hands’.This despite a Middlesbrough fan,a Palace fan and 4 Barca fans were killed due to United fans.So I presume that Scott thinks what he’s doing is normal because he’s swallowed a huge dose of hypocrisy !
    How can we chant ‘without killing anyone’ and ignore the death of Paul Nixon and others whom I’ve mentioned?

  44. Rush's Thrush says:

    Why does Munich get lumped with Hillsborough?

    The Munich air disaster saw the loss of one of the finest Football teams Britain had produced. Hillsborough saw the loss of a laod jobless, thieving twats. Good riddance!

  45. John says:


  46. bazza says:

    ive heard the mancs are producing a t shirt celecbrating their fa cup involvement without killing anybody. oh hang on….better scrap that idea

  47. Eazy E says:

    i think this is brilliant jo for the manc scum…. na na na na na na na na, na na na na na MUNICH !!!!!!!!

  48. dangermouse says:

    This guy (kanwar) really is the real deal scum bag. His latest venture ladies and gentleman is selling a get quick rich scheme where unsuspecting victims are paying 120 USD (yes he lives in manhattan now from the proceeds of his BS website which he describes as a ‘cash making machine’ on his linked in page) for a PDF file of how to make money on the foreign exchange markets which does not work at all. Unluckily I lost my money to this piece of shit and was not suprised when I found all this other bad press about him. I am also a LFC fan so reading about this complete ass holes antics on his hate filled blog made it even worse. The common thread here is this joker flits from business to business using the written word to entice people in, then he tries to extract cash from them. He was caught out on the kop blog and im sure he will be caught out here hopefully soon, just hope he doesnt do much more damage down the road. A truly unsavory individual.

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