Is this the moment when Cristiano Ronaldo decided to leave Man Utd?

Ollie Irish

11th, June 2009


Two-nil up in the Manchester derby and C-Ron sulks in the dug-out after being taken off. Was he thinking, “Right, that’s it – I’m done with Fergie and the shit Manchester weather…” or was it after the Champions League final defeat that he made up his mind?
Make your call below…

I left off the option “Who can ever fully know the mysteries of the human mind”, as that would only complicate things.
Personally, I think he’s wanted to go for months (more than a year, even), but the defeat to Barca in Rome was the deciding factor.

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  1. ManUtd_Fan says:

    jon-jon thats just lame…
    Ronaldo aspired to leave since his mum said she’d love to see him play in madrid and then if he died she would be happy… seriously thats wot she said…
    after that every season theres this big Drama!!
    SO we knew it was gonna happen… doesn’t stop us from hurting though does it…
    but Man Utd will rise again… ‘cos man united will neva die… if the red flag is flying high!!’
    Goodbye Ronaldo… u will be greatly missed!!!

  2. jon-jon says:

    relax bub…i know it was lame….why do you think i posted it? :) …. he’s been a great asset to man utd and you can see that in the amount that real is paying…..he will be missed but man utd as always will find a way to dominate without Mr. Flail Madrid.

  3. ManUtd_Fan says:

    sorry jon jon i guess its a touchy subject… i mean i watch his fantastic goals over and over and just cant get ova what we’ll lose, despite the fact i know we will bounch back stronger…

  4. cristina ronaldo is a cocksucker says:

    He heard that Arjen Robben is a mad faggot like he is so he can’t wait to hang around with him

  5. Simon says:

    cristiano wanted to leave man utd since the world cup 2006 but he had to prove his desire to the world that he is a player to have in the starting eleven line up sheet.

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