Alex Ferguson will pay for his poor treatment of Carlos Tevez

Ollie Irish

12th, June 2009


Carlito was delighted when his mum turned up at Man Utd’s training ground
Fergie phoned Tevez this week to assure him that he had a future at Old Trafford. The Argentine’s response can be paraphrased as follows: “It’s a bit f**king late, gaffer!”
Tevez is still hopping mad that he didn’t get to play more first-team football in 08/09. United’s obvious reluctance to buy him outright from MSI hasn’t helped either. So he’s told his people to find him a new club.

Man City are VERY keen on Tevez, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea and Liverpool didn’t wade in as well. And who knows, perhaps Real Madrid have a spare €40m hidden in a mattress somewhere?
Even though moving to City is a complete no-no for a United player, I don’t think reasonable United fans would hold it against him for long.
United could really do with keeping Tevez and making him a key part of their first team, rather than an impact player. While I remain slightly sceptical that Tevez is of the absolute highest quality, he’s definitely good enough to start regularly for the champions.
But Fergie’s shoddy treatment of a player who desperately wanted to show his worth will cost him. And if I was a United fan, I’d hold it against the manager. Players like Tevez, who give their all, all of the time, are rare.
To lose one world-class player in a week may be regarded as misfortune, to lose two looks like carelessness.

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  1. dbn111 says:

    Tevez is a mediocre player – anyone who thinks that running like a mindless idiot is good football does not know anything. No one besides ManCity – who are badly managed and have no idea about who is worth buying – has any interest in Tevez. Lpool, Real, even Chelsea are not going to bid anything for this guy while there is so much talent on the market. Look at the statistics – Tevez in the only one of the ManU forwards (CR7, Rooney, Berba and Tevez) whose presence on the pitch actually increases the goal/min-played ratio for ManU. Tevez is a week player who is only good when played in the second half to outrun a tired defense. Even if someone buys him he will never be a consistent starter (unless, of course, Hull or Newcastle have any interest in him.

  2. Ollie says:

    He’s not mediocre, but I take your point – he is a little overrated. I see him as a rich man’s Dirk Kuyt.

  3. dbn111 says:

    I agree – the Dirk Kuyt analogy is absolutely on the mark! He is probably a slightly better version of Kuyt. The problem is that he sees himself as the next Maradona and lately he (and Kia) behaves line Ronaldo-II – even declaring that SAF cannot manage the team properly.

  4. OmegaSupreme says:

    Only seen him once live and his movement and touch were top drawer. Fergie should have loved him and shunned Berba. Anyway he’ll juggle the pieces and emerge smelling of roses.
    Maradona is making Tevez look good in that picture !

  5. Ollie says:

    And I think any team, including United, could use a rich man’s Kuyt. No bad thing to have. I agree about the bad influence of Maradona, and the way he’s perceived in his home country.

  6. Tommy says:

    I think he is better than mediocre, maybe not top shelf but i think he would do well almost anywhere in the EPL…best of all he stays committed to what the team wants to do…see west ham great escape…
    its a lot easier to support a player that may not be as talented but has an amazing work rate than a class player who doesnt give it his all and acts like a spoiled baby on the pitch, see drogba…
    bring him back to upton park, i believe he would be welcomed back with open arms and die a god…

  7. doesyourmotherknow says:

    AHA. genius caption.
    to be honest, if i was tevez i’d be a bit miffed that man utd only really seem to have decided for definite that they want to keep him now that ronaldo is definitely out the door and they need back up.

  8. bill says:

    Rubbish he has played well in united games and he has scored vital goals that gave us the cup yet again…. he is work keeping

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