So this is Manchester United’s new home kit

Ollie Irish

23rd, June 2009


This leaked image of Man Utd’s new home shirt, complete with black “V” (an integral part of Nike’s new sportswear range) has been doing the internet rounds for a few weeks now.
Many fans cried fake, but the release of a couple of genuine teaser images prove that the above image was not a fake. Check out a couple of the new images below:

As you can see, Nike is going to great lengths to keep the kit in the dark until the official launch day (1 July). But if you squint, you can just about make out the black collar and V-slash on the chest.
UPDATED: Pies reader Poppy just emailed me a couple of images, lightened in Photoshop. It makes it easier to see the black V on the chest now:
I’m not the biggest fan of Nike’s V range (see Mexico’s kit for a better idea of how it will look), but at least it’s better than the comedy retro shirt that was also doing the rounds:
[Top image @ RoM]

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