The Best Player in the World World Cup: Group H (Ibrahimovic v Ferdinand, Henry v Maicon)

Ollie Irish

25th, June 2009


The final group kicks off today…
Zlatan Ibrahimovic v Rio Ferdinand (Group G)
Extremely cocky attacker v extremely metrosexual defender. Who you got? Vote below:

The second tie sees Thierry Henry take on Inter’s flying full-back, Maicon (the man who often keeps Dani Alves out of the Brazilian national team). Remember folks, you’re not voting on reputation, you’re voting on current form/ability:

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  1. Hootie says:

    I can’t believe so many picked Henry over Maicon… Henry is certainly still good, but Maicon is a sensation. He dictates the entire game at time from right back.

  2. Collie says:

    Yeah the first is easy because I dont rate Zlatan at all. The second one is a lot tougher and I think maicon is probably the best right back in the world at the moment but I had to go for Henry for proving alot of people wrong over the last 12 months, the chap has still got it.

  3. Maik says:

    While Henry is still very good, I still don’t understand why so many people picked him over Maicon, who has proved over the last two seasons that he’s the best right back around.

  4. fooobooolaaa says:

    Ok what i dont understand is HOW ON EARTH can you people vote rio before zlatan…i mean zlatan would rape rio when i comes to compareing players…see zlatan is up there with messi and ronaldo but rio aint!!!! I know i know, zlatan is a strike and rio is a defender but rio does not stan a chance. See if you would comepare evra or vidic with zlatan then it would be more fare. Dont get me wrong rio is great but evra and vidic has been a beter defender saeason 08-09. Zlatan is the most complete player in the world, wich means that he is strong in the air and ground (cuz he is big and strong) and he has skill (dribble skills and game undestandin)and no one shots as Zlatan

  5. dooper says:

    collie suck my balls zlatan is great

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