Farewell, Emmanuel Adebayor. Arsenal fans, will you miss him?

Ollie Irish

15th, July 2009


Emmanuel Adebayor is off to Man City, barring a problem with his work permit; and as that wasn’t a problem for him when he joined Arsenal, it should be fine this time around. Arsenal will get around £25m for the striker, which seems like a fair price.
I think Adebayor has the potential to be a world-class striker, but it seems he’s weak in the head. All too often at Arsenal, his body language – rarely delighted, usually dejected – betrayed him. If only Adebayor was blessed with the mental fortitude of Arsenal players like Patrick Vieira or Ray Parlour, he could have gone on to earn a place in the club’s Hall of Fame.
Don’t forget: he scored 30 goals in 07/08, and still notched 16 last season, despite being injured for part of the campaign. So no one could question his scoring record - when he wasn’t picking himself up off the floor, he could finish quite brilliantly and instinctively…

So Arsenal will miss his talent, no question. But they won’t miss the stress he caused off the pitch. After that 30-goal season, Adebayor believed – or was told repeatedly, by his ‘people’ – that he was a genuine A-List, world-class striker. And so he invited the attention of ‘big’ clubs like Milan. And who doesn’t like flattery? But it takes more than a one-hit season to be able to claim that you’re better and bigger than the club that made you. Arsene Wenger knows this, Adebayor will learn the lesson – and it might be painful – at Eastlands.
I really don’t think that City is a good fit for Adebayor. He strikes me as an innately lazy player, and Mark Hughes doesn’t tolerate indolence. Indeed, I’m surprised that Sparky wanted Adebayor in the first place.
Gooners, will you miss Adebayor? Do you wish him well at City? Comments please…

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  1. Ashley says:

    Nope, never warmed to him. Disappeared in too many games

  2. Kipp says:

    Ollie, that is if hughes had much say

  3. femi says:

    to hell wit him !wit RVP and Eduardo and Arshavin the goals will surely come let the lazy leggy non chalant guy goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. patoh says:

    i dont think anyone will miss him. not after all those missed clear chances

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bye bye….don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  6. borngooner says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    One of the laziest players I’ve seen…..hardly ever saw him chase a ball!!!!!

  8. israel says:

    i wish him good luck. maybe he was lazy coz he wanted to be shown a door

  9. jeremy says:

    of course i will miss him bielieve it or not he was the heart and soul of arsenal although he did sometimes disapper

  10. paul kombol says:

    Adebayor’s character is typical of his yoruba descent.Arrogance,hype,loud,noisy,proud,offensive and ultimately stupid.Arsenal are far better off without him.He isn’t as clinical as he thinks and will discover that at City where they’ll be not as much supplies as in arsenal.His career to me is completely over.Good riddance to total rubbish.

  11. williams says:

    adebayor should go and wenger should get huntelaar or a better stricker to replace him and not a 16 year old again and also a strong defensive midfilder to support cesc in the midfield and we would win trophies

  12. Algernon Chalmers says:

    It’s probably time for him to go and we’ll make a big profit. We should remember some of the many good times though, including his stunner against Villareal last season and winner against Man U. Thing is, in his first season he worked really hard. But it seems like he’s grown disruptive andbig-headed, and probably doesn’t have the intelligence of an Henry to handle success. Also however annoying Bendtner may or may not be, headbutting your team mate is totally unacceptable. Wenger helped make him a star, as with so many others.

  13. Jon says:

    Mark you’re buying a superstar at a bargain price well done…..
    Now for the truth.
    Much like an excited child on Christmas Eve, I have longed for this moment for 2 seasons….
    With the departure of Sir Thierry a few years ago it was Adebayor’s turn to step into the limelight and what has he done with the opportunity that most players around the world would give their right arm for?
    A lazy waste of space with a huge ego and not much else.
    After scoring a goal the smug look on his face made me sick, he forgets he missed 4 sitters before getting the goal (and usually a tap in at that).
    The sad thing is he actually believes he is world class! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    As for kissing the badge? F*ck off.

  14. Doug says:

    I Will miss Him Sort Of, But Even So he is very lazy and his Work Rate is poor, He may Score goals, But he should Notch up way mroe than he actually does.I wish They’d get rid of Bendtner too tbh… But Im not so Sure Chamakh is a fitting Replacement. I believe its Time Wenger Spends Bit, No Doubt its not what wenger does but.. But a big Striker Would Do well At Arsenal .. Someone Such As.. the Lieks of Didier Drogba or David Villa, Or Fabiano…Along those Lines…

  15. carl says:

    Adebayor…can do what he wants. £25m wont come round for him again so i not bothered. If he ain’t bothered about staying then he can go. The crucial thing is who replaces him, i don’t think Chamakh is the ideal replacement either but i don’t think we will invest in world class players either. I personally think upfront we’re OK. We need to get the defence sorted pronto. 37 goals conceeded last season! That is terrible for one of the “top 4”. If we have another season like that conceeding 37 goals then its 5th place for us no doubts!We as fans need to remember this is not Wenger’s choice not to spend big money. He simply doesn’t have the backing of the board to give him money. Don’t be suprised if Wenger leaves us in the next few years due to lack of board support. Football is taking a bad turn..the sport i love is being ruined by corporate big wigs. But now its the norm and we can’t do anything about it except play the cards we’re dealt with! Lets see what 09/10 unfolds…

  16. nasir balogun says:

    adebayor isnt worth that amount am an arsenal fan,but adebayor isnt dat good

  17. CHRIS says:

    City are welcome to him, he thought that he made it before he did. he was the one who cost us the title at birmingham everybody has forgotten that!! all he had to do was pass to bendtner and we would have gone on to win the league. due to his SELFISH ATTITUDE and wanting to be the “the man” HE LOST US THE TITLE!! he was a 1 season wonder playing in a team that had to create 10 chances so he could convert 1!! lol GOOD LUCK CITY YOUR GONNA NEED IT WITH HIM

  18. whoopie goldbars says:

    Good riddance. He took laziness to a whole new level. When he wasn’t ten yards offside, he was daydreaming ten yards behind the play. I would have taken 12 mil just to see the back of him.

  19. rich says:

    all of u very funny! he is good aplyer, i’m afraid asnl will finish the last next season dont forget that the football is like casino, u win 2day u loose 2moro, i like him, he made me to be proud as an african, i’m sure most of u dont like him because where he from. stop abusing him because he is already a star, and you’ll never be like him. dont forget that asnal was the one team in epl used the african players and was very strong team, please wenger buy more african players , because we are very strong we are hungry for plying nice football, and we know where we from. gluck ad. i’m praying 4u.

  20. chet says:

    what bothers me most is that he was bought as a nobody, in typical wenger style, nurtured into a good player by a very patient arsene, and then once he has a good season, instead of focusing on trying to repeat his goal tally, he turns into a petulent c*nt. we need to reinvest this money right back into our centre midfield. …i always knew that the felipe melo-for-EBOUE-and-cash was much much much too good to be true… but anyway, with eduardo and nicky bendtner, i think we will be alright in the front line.

  21. zigzag says:

    i’ll anly miss him if we don’t get a better replacement

  22. martyn says:

    very very true he was never good just ok but arsenals play would get any striker goals, im happy hes gone

  23. hadie says:

    i’m sick watching him plays. if given the chance to another striker, surely we had won a silverware already. @CHRIS i’m totally agree with u. i can bear to see him for another season with us. PLEASE LEAVE LAZYBAYOR!

  24. nana yaw says:

    we ll never miss a lazy player like him

  25. Anonymous says:

    i hope arsene will bring a new defensive mid to the club, not a new striker. arsenal got so many striker, including midfield who can score goals too. some DM who is agressive and experienced like veloso, yaya toure, lorik cana, or maybe newcastle’s barton is good for arsenal i think.

  26. diehardfan says:

    i hope arsene will bring a new defensive mid to the club, not a new striker. arsenal got so many striker, including midfield who can score goals too. some DM who is agressive and experienced like veloso, yaya toure, lorik cana, or maybe newcastle’s barton is good for arsenal i think.

  27. Seb says:

    Members day 2007 Arsenal. On that day hoping to get a auto graph from afew of the Arsenal players and I did apart from one player Adebayor, he shows no respect for the fans drives around in his flash car gets paid loads and he cant be arsed to sign autographs make me sick. If I was a pro player I would sign autographs all day.

  28. MAC says:

    say what u like about this geezer, but as a gooner i would fucking hate to see adebayor regain his top form, espcially against us which he no doubtably will….hes a top striker given half a chance or space.

  29. Obotie says:

    Adebayor is a gud player but not very gud player, now the issue here is, does Arsene Wenger ve a replacement for him, we don’t want a striker that will come in a same that he need to adjust to the primiership, we want a super striker that can deliver anytime anyday anywhere,that is wat Arsenal need now, Ade going is not the end of the world but we need a superman striker.

  30. machine goooner funk says:

    as a gooner i’m a little torn. well not really but consider: he arrived an underperforming striker from monaco with a reputation for thinking he was better than he was, a sense of entitlement, and lazy. arsene saw throuh all of that and saw potential. when he got to the club titi took him under his wing and when th14 left for barca 2 summers aqo(those same catalan cunts are now trying to take our 2nd skipper from us in 3 years FUCK ALL OF CATALONIA, but i degress) he was given a golden oppurtunity and he took full advantage. its hard to remember given his action over the last year but in 07/08 his workrate was unbelievable and tireless. it still took him 5 chances to score one, imagine if he had been a more clinical finsher his tally would’ve been more than the 30 he got, but he worked his ass off on th pitch. he chased, harrassed defenders, and was deadly in the air (had eduardo never gotten injured we’d have won the title that year im convinced of it, eduardo was starting to really play his best ball in an arsenal shirt up until that birmingham game). for whatever reason after that season he truly got a big head and wanted a wage increase and a move to meelan or barca (those fucking cunts, they’re relentless). finally he re-signs, gets a wage increase and expected the fans to forget about his flagrant assholery all summer. he then proceeded to sleep walk through the season. he no longer chased, no longer harried defenders for the ball, was casual in possession, and became the offsides king. he’s a selfish, ungrateful, greedy, and truly dense player (i mean talking about meelan being interested in you aq day before a champion’s league semifinal against the holders at old trafford?! really?!) 25 million pounds is a nice return and i hope we go get huntelaar, he’s more clinical, better on the ball, is still young, and isnt injury prone (plus he’ll probably have a chip on his shoulder after being deemed dispensable by real). part of me (the larger part, i’d say its 85%/15%) is happy to see greddybayor go b/c like other posters have said any striker will score goals with the arsenal’s attacking style. however, another part of me (the wee 15%) is scared he’ll go back to ’07/’08 ade and just terrorize people and score in bunches, just hope he shits the bed when he plays the gunners.

  31. FayXaan says:

    yes i will(no one can replace him bcoz everyone in this world have their own importance),and i m sure every true gooner will miss him..i dont give a hell to those so called gooners(who said bad about him or saying it otherwise)who are also saying they wont miss him or Ade dont have a power to match with Arsenal,he had given everything to Arsenal, but we misbehaved, we taunted him and any good player dont want to see this behaviour from his own fans, i m glad he is leaving(bcoz i want him to play well anywhere else,like Henry did, we should realize everyone have to leave/go one day, but this time our own behavior made a good player leave us..Arsene cud buy a scoring machine in Ade’s place, but whoever is coming will take time to settle not everyone in this world is Arshavin alike..(i know i m being very harsh bcoz it is all our mistakes,we made Ade leave) Ade was a good player and will remain.. i will say Best of Luck to “Emmanuel Adebayor”..We love you Ade..plzz forgive us..
    [Fx – a Gooner)

  32. hadie says:

    i don’t think u’re right there FayXaan. we didn’t make Ade leave. he’s the one act like baby. wants everything to put exactly in front of him. he never chased the ball, miss a LOT of vital chances, egoistic, and bring much negative impact to other player in dressing room. we will miss adebayor from 07/08 and we will not miss him now for whats he’ll became.

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