Stop Getting Scholes Wrong!

Ollie Irish

16th, April 2011


By Herman Miller

Yes, Scholes is class and the likes of Zidane and Cesc love him, but can we also agree that he’s one of the worst tacklers of the Premier League era – and he’s been getting away with awful tackles for far too long, partly because commentators chuckle and make light of it. Until today, that is, when he got what he deserved at Wembley – anyone who defends Scholes’ intentional studs-up challenge on Zabaleta is an idiot; then again, there’s no shortage of eejuts on the internet these days, so fill your boots if you feel like it.

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  1. Mark says:

    As a Manchester united fan it was a terrible tackle. Whether he has done as bad as that all the time is debatable. He does make plenty of late tackles and gets plenty of yellow cards so it’s not like he’s unpunished.

  2. Ben says:

    So, this time it’s not De Jong with the ugly tackles…

  3. (S)Mellie P says:

    Ok and… so your point is??? You’re not an idiot??? Good for you! Have a cookie!

  4. Chris also says:

    After he got his boot on that thigh he took the time to DIG IN and push off again like he was doing a turn in a swimming competition. Classy indeed.

  5. drags says:

    Definite red! dangerous play, but the difficulty comes in judging why his play was more dangerous than zabaleta himself whos boot was just as high. tough call.

  6. ELDV says:

    Good that Andy Townsend (of all people!) had a go at his tackling on the itv commentary

  7. The Yank says:

    Fuck off.

    The only thing wrong with Scholes’ challenge was that it was slightly late. Zabaleta’s challenge was just as dangerous and just as “intentional”. Definitely a foul, surely a yellow, but a red is too harsh.

    The internet is filled with idiots, but then there are the assholes who single out one bad tackle in order to condemn a player completely. Pathetic. I wash my hands of such utter trash.

    In case you forgot, fuck off.

  8. Internet Idiot says:


  9. MontolivoMonster says:

    @The Yank

    He’s made more than “one” bad tackle throughout his career, so…

  10. masatoshi says:

    bakayaro man utd senshu! scholes is a bad player!

  11. KevinW says:

    The Yank, I’m sorry that completely accurate post interrupted your drunken, wrist-slitting session you had planned after United’s loss. Everyone is tired of the bullshit comments you continually leave on this site. Please, for everyone else’s sake, fuck off.

  12. Michael says:

    I think he’s worse than Savage. Savage is just dirty, Scholes is malicious.

  13. j. Rey says:

    He got a bit of the ball, i thought.

  14. Mr. Volatile says:

    @ the yank

    you fuck off! you fucking prick! youve been posting shit on this site for far to long! you fucking manure scum! do us all a favour and stop posting your tiny minded comments on this site! fuck you!

  15. Mr. Volatile says:

    little fucking cocksucker should be retired RIGHT NOW!

  16. Kevin Barry says:

    Scholes definitely went for the ball!!!!

    The only question is was it Zabaleta’s left or right ball he went for?

  17. Shane says:

    The Yank sounds like he’s got a bit of sand in his vagina.

    The best thing about the match yesterday had nothing to do with the poor standard of football on display. It was Liam Gallagher’s pre match comment that Gary Neville, “looks like an estate agent.”

  18. Stuart says:

    @The Yank.

    You washing your hands will be the first time you’ve ever washed anything and even then its metaphorical. You dirty cunt.

  19. Calski says:

    @The Yank – “Singling out one bad tackle?” He’s been doing it for 15 years !

  20. Paul McGuigan says:

    @ The Yank
    “The internet is filled with idiots…” -> You’re one of them :)
    I wonder, does Cesc gonna say the same IF he got that tackle from Scholes

  21. St Michael says:

    Scholesy deserved the red card but call this England football legend a cocksucker deserves death sentence you ass.

  22. Mr. Volatile says:

    cesc fabregas should get off his knees and stop sucking scholes dick!

  23. tomas says:

    fuck off you nutter, you think if you are a pathetic journo gay cunt then you can blame player, your opinions its next to nothing you journalist scum. go and complain to your beloved police

  24. DeathCabforWoody says:

    Nice picture Cesc…Is that Blue Steel or Magnum? If he said that about Giggs, I would have no complaints.

  25. TravisKOP says:

    @The Yank, just because United took it in the arse doesnt mean you have to too, so get the Manure beatin stick outta ur ass n accept that scholes’ challenge was red card worthy

  26. Alexander Nicholson says:

    I think that calling Scholes “malicious” is a little harsh. I’m an avid Man Utd fan and before you criticise me for being one sided, I agree the challenge definitely warranted a red card. Scholes has always struggled with the timing of his challenges but he’s not a dirty player. He was committed to the challenge, as was Zabaleta and if you look closely at the replay he was literally millimetres away from the ball…however, as he made no contact this made it look worse.

    It was a poorly timed challenged from Scholes and It’s hardly surprising as it’s probably the one flaw in his game. It was a deserved red card and regardless of whether Zabaleta’s foot was high he didn’t make contact and Scholes deserved to go.

    Definite red card, definite poor challenge, but Scholes is definitely not a dirty player…just a shit awful tackler.

  27. Fellaini's Fro says:

    Man Utd fan and scholes sympathizer here, and that was definetly a red. scholes will go down as one of the best the premier league has ever seen, however, it’s true he has been getting away with red cards throughout his career, mainly due to the fact “oh, just another one of those scholes tackle” attitudes everyone developed. does no one remember how much shit he got after being sent off against Sweden in 99, but eventually seems we got complacent. there’s a reason he’s the third most booked PL player of all time, and probably should be the most if it wasn’t for his reputation. but he shouldn’t retire, he’s still in the top 5% of midfielders in the PL right now.

    @The Yank
    there’s a line between supporting your team, and being an ignorant asshole. try not crossing it so much

  28. Fellaini's Fro says:

    Also where did the prediction table go? sail off to ITV with ollie?

  29. CFC_Jay says:

    lol @ Kevin……..very good mate, i like!!

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