Snapshot: Man City taunt Man Utd with Carlos Tevez billboard

Ollie Irish

18th, July 2009


A Manchester City poster bearing the face of new signing (and former Man Utd striker) Carlos Tevez overlooks pedestrians in Manchester city centre. Very cheeky indeed. [Photo: Dave Thompson/PA Wire]
How long before this is subjected to an attack of red paint by United-supporting vandals, I wonder? Pies readers in Manchester, please keep us informed…

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  1. gmc says:

    It’ll take such “vandals” a couple of days to travel from Singapore / Oslo / Chigwell. So don’t hold your breath. In a couple of months these “supporters” will probably have changed allegiance anyway, once Mickey Owen’s legs give out again.

  2. silbas says:

    bitter bitter blues 33 years and counting money cant buy me love

  3. Murfmensch says:

    It actually has a very welcoming feel to it.
    Imagine someone who didn’t know this was football related (most of my friends) seeing this sign. It looks cheerful and cosmopolitan.
    I am told that such is Manchester when football is not involved.

  4. K says:

    Dirty little cunts, aren’t they?
    Running before they’ve even walked.
    You’re still nothing, blue shite. Prove yourselves before you get cocky.

  5. K says:

    gmc, I believe it’s Old Trafford that sells out every week with Mancunian fans, yeah?
    And the bitters still only sell out when they play us. Sad, really, especially with all that shit you ‘real mancunians’ come out with.

  6. Manc says:

    Hahahahahha this is funny, city fancs cant see thewood for the trees, people come to your club because of money you fukin idiots, no one gives a fuck about your badge, id rather have a team of players who kiss the badge when they score or win and lift a TROPHY (in the last 33 years)than a team of golddiggers who have no passion for the team they play for, and you still hold on to the very few shit accusations like united arnt from manchester etc etc to boost your sad pathetic excuse for a clubs ego… good luck getting in the europa league you dissolusioned bunch of fuck heads

  7. kaya says:

    Tee hee! Pretty cheeky. Carlos has never looked better, that’s for sure. But Man U fans getting pissing about Man City’s spending ways. That’s the funniest part about it!
    I’d kiss just about anything for 150k a week.

  8. ayub ganto says:

    man city r a bag of ballz an thy aint gna harm no one thy aint evn gna contnd 4 the title never mind auto champs league place hahah manchester united 4 life

  9. Krys says:

    Has anyone noticed it is always the Manchester United fans that are full of expletives, we City Fans do not have to resort to that sort of rubbish. Watch out Reds we are on the up.

  10. Gekkeycle says:

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