Man Utd Hand Michael Carrick New Three-Year Contract

Chris Wright

3rd, March 2011


By Chris Wright

Michael Carrick has signed a new contract with Manchester United that will keep the 29-year-old midfielder at Old Trafford until the summer of 2014 – that’s three more heady years of, err…tidy, sideways passing?

Crikey, did not see that one coming.

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  1. Fredmeister says:

    What next? Rain falling upwards? The sun rising in the west? Cats and dogs living together in harmony?

  2. JohnO' says:

    i thought this was ajoke when i first saw it…as a united fan im disgusted, the boy’s main asset is passing and he cant remotely do that well at the moment so lets sign him for 3.5 more years….brillaint

    give bebe and obertan another 5 years while were at it

  3. Tinez says:

    the master of the 50-yard backpass

  4. Petey says:

    Good news for everyone else if United think this is a strong move forward !!

  5. noize says:


  6. K P V says:

    This is great, hes gonna be a great like giggs, and bebe

    follow me on twitter @andrewabrahim yall

  7. Sebastian says:

    yea i was really surprised wen I saw this today

  8. Nicko says:

    WHY!?!?! haha what a joke. We arent going to win shit if he carrys on playing like he does.

    K P V – Fuckoff nobody wants to follow you on twitter!! Sad bastard.

  9. confuscious says:

    K P V really is shameless, isn’t he?
    @ KPV- No Offence.

  10. Andrew Abrahim's saggy bumhole says:

    this one was right out of left field

  11. BallyBags says:

    Bestmanager in the world?

    Na, he’s good but his eye sight is fucked. How could you give this man another contract when he’s an average at best player in a great team.

    Thought United would replace him but no. Replace his contract with a better one.

  12. The Yank says:

    I guess some will never truly understand football. Michael Carrick plays in a position not of pizzazz, but one of jurisdiction. His role is to command play in front the defenders by maintaining presence of authority. No, he does not create, but rather in a way allow for the creation to occur. This goes for all who play in the position, and Carrick does these duties well. Yes, there are weaknesses to his game, but do not let your misunderstanding dictate your opinion of him. In the modern game, a player like Carrick is needed. Formations like 4-5-1, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, all utilize this position. Carrick is versatile and is able to play his role in those positions but also work a comfortable 4-4-2. Every team who knows success has a player like Michael Carrick, and he’s United’s.

  13. rrrreeea says:

    @ The Yank great post, though it’s pearls before swine, alas, they never comprehend

  14. jammer says:

    @the yank, Carrick is also to blame for United caving in numerous games this season. He lacks the presence or heart to play that position properly. He’s too easily hurried off the ball and too slow cumbersome to protect his defense from overlapping midfielders.Today against Liverpool he started really well but then given a five yard pass outside our own box he stumbles over the ball and gives a teeming Liverpool team the ball and the impetus. You need your defensive midfielders to be either dependable and strong at the highest level. Roy Keane, Makelele, Essien, Mascerano or craftsmen Busquets, Xavi, Scholes he is neither fish nor flesh I’m afraid.

  15. Giggins says:

    @The Yank -I’m assuming you are a neutral and don’t watch United week in, week out. If you did you would see Carrick is pants! You are correct every team needs a player that shadows the attacking midfielders and breaks up the play but tell me a game Carrick has done that consistently in over the last 2 years. He can’t tackle, he shadows the wrong players leaving gaping holes, (both Chelsea and Liverpool exploited this over and over again in the last two weeks) his passing is sideways, his shot is off and he just doesn’t look confident -my 72 year old Mum wouldn’t be scared of him!!! As a lifelong United fan, this year has been embarrassing, I think Sir Alex has lost a bit of the plot this year……. maybe the Rooney debacle took too much out of him. We just need the year to end, rest, regroup and SELL CARRICK!!!!! (sorry for the long rant!)

  16. big mean bunny says:

    Carrick has been woeful from what I have seen of him, he is no holding midfield that protects anything, he can’t tackle and he doesn’t break up play so I don’t know what the rod you are rodding about Yank.

    I don’t know any Utd fan that has greeted this as a positive step for them.

  17. martymuls says:

    I am sorry, but no successful team carrys passengers. No successful manager will play poor players. Michael Carrick cost £18 mil for a reason. He is a quality midfielder…. Emphasis on midfielder. I have never seen a player take so much flak for an underperforming team.
    Man Utd are still in all competitions and have lost 4 games all season. Find me a season were we have been sitting so well.
    The guy is a solid midfielder who allows more creative players to create.
    The problem is nobody is creating at the minute.
    Scholes passes a ball sideways and its ok but when carrick does it he is rubbish.
    Give the guy a break and maybe, just maybe he will feel confident to progress his game..
    Put it this way, any spurs fan would have him back playing alongside modric

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