Wayne Rooney Lands Foul Language Charge For Upton Park F-Bomb

Chris Wright

4th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

The FA have charged Wayne Rooney with using ‘offensive, insulting and/or abusive language’ for dropping the F-Bomb down the camera lens after completing his hat-trick against West Ham at the weekend.

Rooney issued a formal apology shortly after the incident but the FA have still seen fit to punish him for endangering the pure, god-fearing youth of this great nation and their fragile egg-shell minds.

The FA have set a deadline at 6pm tomorrow for any appeals to be lodged though, should Rooney choose to accept the charges as expected, he will more than likely incur a two-game ban which will ultimately see him miss United’s FA Cup semi-final against Man City in a fortnight’s time

Any thoughts?

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  1. Bruno says:

    This is a JOKE

  2. Jon says:

    Don’t really care, but they couldn’t really have done nothing. I have to say I semi-agree with Paul Robinson on MOTD2 last night, sending them all off when they swear at a ref and all that.

  3. Dan says:

    I’m a United apologist, and I am okay with the ban as long as its enforced on everyone. With obvious bias, it seems like a witch hunt to me. B

    But if they suspend every player that I hear on the tube that drops a f bomb, god bless them. I will love to see them enforce this one ;p

  4. Chris also says:

    I think it’s mainly that he barked it right into the camera – twice. I found it overly aggressive and a little on the creepy side but then I’m a bit of a delicate flower.

  5. The Yank says:

    Kids start swearing around 12 these days. Yes, Rooney shouldn’t have done it, but its hardly two-match ban worthy. I believe match bans should only occur when an offense happens to another player. A player has his right to celebrate as he so chooses. The cameraman was practically shoving the camera in Rooney’s face and that would cause anyone to get a little peeved. Remember Heinze in the World Cup? Bitch slapped the camera after he got hit by it. Why? It was right up against him.

    I’d say slap him with a fine and make him star in their new “Respect” campaign. Getting banned for two matches for this is ridiculous.

  6. Sariann says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. Fine Sky for showing the tape in the first place – football is run on a 3 second delay.

  7. Tinez says:

    @The Yank – so if a player jumps into the crowd eric cantona style they get no punishment? come on. rooney and the whole of the man united team are well aware that the sky sports cameras are all over them. that is the access you get when you pay £2 billion for rights. stop being so naive.

    @Sariann – oh, fine sky because rooney runs over to their camera and shouts foul language down it to viewers at home? are you for real? fine sky because rooney knowingly produces an offensive act and they show – why should they let rooney get away with it? it’s not their responsibility to control rooney’s actions – im glad they showed it, and proved what a thug rooney can be. they all know where the cameras are and he could have done nothing.

    stunningly appropriate ban for the candid nature of the offence. this must be the first time a player has shouted that type of language directly down the camera with serious vitriol. there is no case to answer for general swearing.

  8. stevepafc says:

    a friend of mine was banned from all football grounds for 3 years for using offensive/ insulting and abusive language. Pity the same can’t be done for Rooney the scouse prick!

  9. Riley says:

    Cry me a river. That petulant prick deserves it.

  10. Pete B says:

    In other news, Ashley Cole shot somebody and plays on without so much as a 5 quid fine.
    (Wayne Rooney plays for a club outside London.)


  11. Brian says:

    anyone have a link to video?

  12. :) says:

    if avram grant gets a two match ban for ‘questioning the integrity of a referee’ then this pig of a human being should recieve some punishment.

  13. James says:

    Biggest story of the weekend from Upton Park is actually the racial abuse suffered by the family of the players. But the FA choose to act quickly and decisivley on Rooney reacting to Sky’s camera man walking onto the pitch and shoving a camera in his face…

    If a players isn’t allowed to celebrate with his own fans, then why should a camera man be allowed to get in with the teams goal celebrations???

  14. tapioca says:

    “A player has his right to celebrate as he so chooses.”

    Except that they don’t – Iniesta got a yellow card for taking his shirt off to dedicate the World Cup winning goal to a deceased former team mate!

  15. Greg says:

    Banned for this, but not for elbowing a player in the face?

  16. Nicko says:

    FA are full of shit. Disgusting.

    A 2match ban…. for that!!!

  17. Nicko says:

    @ Pete B

    “In other news, Ashley Cole shot somebody and plays on without so much as a 5 quid fine.
    (Wayne Rooney plays for a club outside London.)”

    Haha that is brilliant.

  18. Sleeba says:

    How long did Drogba get banned for doing the same thing…..3,4 games?

  19. Anonymous says:

    @Sleeba – at least drogba’s gripe was about the game! not some left over distaste from tabloid bellends.

  20. Mr. Volatile says:

    fucking fat fucker should be banned from football!


  21. Durham Dave says:

    I find the timing of this a little suspect. With David Bernstein (former Man City chairman) at the helm of the FA, and City not having any trophies in the last 35 years, it looks like he wants to insure some silverware for his old club.

  22. Connor says:

    As a city fan I was hoping the overrated granny shagger would play as he’s your least dangerous option

  23. OJ says:

    I agree with Pete B. How can some one bring an air rifle into a work place, shoot someone and not get a punishment, like been suspended/match ban.

    But Rooney says the F-word at a camera (Which the F.A are trying to protect the public but camera’s pick up swearing at the majority of game’s especially from the crowd/public directing their swearing at the player’s) and he get’s a 2 match ban.

    Bit of a joke if you ask me and once again making an example of a united player.

    @Connor – Rooney least dangerous option? Im guessing you missed United’s last game against City? Overhead Kick? Ring any bells? Also just bagged himself 3 goals in his last match. If he’s your least of your worries then you’ve got a problem.

  24. Ping Yang says:

    I get that passion can get boiled over in a game. There is swearing going on between players and referees. However, this is ridiculous. What was he thinking? I mean I get if he was pissed off and releasing his anger BUT he just fucking scored. I get he is pumped but it was directly at the camera. If you look closely he takes a while and then decides to swear, this was not spontaneous and not in the heat of the moment.

    Drogba’s incident was also bad, don’t get me wrong, however, he did just get knocked out of the Champions League Semi Final. To a late goal and legitimate penalty calls not given, plus it was spontaneous. Inexcuasble, Rooney is pathetic.

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