Chelsea 0-1 Man Utd: Rooney Scores, Keeps His Head Down This Time (With Photos)

Chris Wright

7th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

So, advantage Manchester United it is then. Sir Alex’s side will now go into the second leg of their Champions League quarter-final tie with Chelsea at Old Trafford with a one-(away)goal head start thanks to Ryan Giggs’ impeccable first-touch and Wayne Rooney’s smart finish at Stamford Bridge last night – a goal he celebrated by burying his head in the turf to presumably avoid any further FA charges.

Strange as it may sound, Chelsea definitely deserved a goal – Patrice Evra somehow managed to come up clean despite scissoring Ramires to the ground in the penalty area (and in full view of the assistant referee) as the game entered it’s death throes – but a draw would have probably flattered Carlo Ancelotti’s side considering United’s dominant first-half performance.

Oh, and Fernando Torres  – despite his downright atrocious diving – actually looked like he may have had the wherewithal to finally break his duck, only for the post to intervene late in the first-half and for Edwin van der Sar to pull an outstanding, full-stretch, fingertip save out of the bag midway through the second.


The two captains, Nemanja Vidic and John Terry, lead out their teams

Rafael Da Silva battles for the ball with Didier Drogba

Yury Zhirkov makes an unorthodox attempt to beat Javier Hernandez in the air

Wayne Rooney latches on to Ryan Giggs’ pull-back to steer home the only goal of the game…

…then celebrates with his teammates in the corner

Michael Essien flies in on Michael Carrick

Didier Drogba flashes an overhead kick wide of the far post

Frank Lampard slashes a shot goalwards only to see it cleared off the line

Fernando Torres, after seeing his faint touch (we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt) glance back off the upright

Edwin Van Der Sar checks on Rafael Da Silva as he lies injured on the pitch following a collision with Didier Drogba – the Brazilian full-back was eventually stretchered off

Torres guides a header back across goal only for Edwin van der Sar (not pictured) to turn it to safety at full-stretch

Substitute Dimitar Berbatov and John Terry lock horns in an aerial battle

Patrice Evra brings Ramires down in the area late on, but miraculously survives Chelsea’s claims for a penalty

Fernando Torres hits the deck blatantly looking for a penalty…

…and is duly booked for his troubles

Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates after the final whistle

Photos courtesy of the PA.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Should have been a draw and also Essien should have been booked.

  2. Bruno says:

    It wasn’t a penalty in my opinion. But if Chelsea fans think it was now they know how it feels. If the ref gives Man Utd five penalties next week we will be almost even.

    STOP CRYING BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS HAD THE REF ON YOUR SIDE (remember that offside goal that won you the league last year? or the last two league games against Man Utd?)

  3. Chris says:

    @Bruno: Without trying to sound facetious, what about Evra’s challenge makes you think it shouldn’t have been a penalty?

  4. Michael D says:

    @Chris – completely agree. I mean, that picture sums it up perfectly.
    @Bruno, we can pick examples back and forth of United getting their fair share of calls/non-calls (that should’ve been calls) but this was clear as day.

    MU were the lesser of the two evils today in a match that was as graceful as a sumo mud wrestling match (and I say that as a Chelsea fan) and did what it took to get a goal so fair play to them. But Chelsea definitely deserved a penalty for that. Now whether they converted it or not is on them of course but it was deserved. Oh well…I at least hope the play in next week’s match is more enthralling

  5. The Yank says:

    Torres should’ve been given a straight red for that blatant dive in the first half. Swearing and racism are hot button issues yet cheating is not? Pathetic.

    Its no coincidence Chelsea are always awarded penalties in stoppage time. They are cowards for playing the way they do and I applaud the ref for not giving them the penalty. Ramires made the absolute most of it. He could’ve shaken Evra and scored, but he didn’t. He went down like a bitch. Such actions should not be awarded.

    Look at the challenge again, very closely. There is contact, but certainly not enough to bring Ramires down. He felt Evra come in and went down knowing he was inside the box. Ramires’ standing leg is unaffected, but he drags his foot to go down. He had no intention of shooting, just looking for the penalty. Even the picture above clearly shows Ramires with enough room to go after the ball. Typical Chelsea bullshit.

  6. chet says:

    i was actually shocked at how quiet the supporters were. it sounded like a pre-season friendly, not a champions league quarter. disgraceful.

  7. emmy mu says:

    Ohh yeah carrick played really well and gr8 clearance by evra VDS wat well good

  8. faf says:

    Chelsea didn’t deserve a goal, they deserved a penalty.

  9. Bruno says:

    In my opinion Evra got the ball first and then Ramires went down very easily when the ball was already off his feet. He wouldn’t fall if the ball was still with him. Evra did take the ball first, thats the main point in my view. Still, Chelsea created just two chances in the whole match, Man Utd deserved to win. If you play at home against a team that won the Champions League three times and create just two chances of goal then you don’t deserve to beat them… Ramires made the most of it, he is brazilian, I am brazilian, we go down VERY easily. Except Dunga… sorry for my english

  10. Bacon F says:

    Ferdinand looks pissed.

  11. The Yank says:

    For all those still thinking its a penalty:

    Just outside the box. No penalty.

  12. Ping Yang says:

    You are completely oblivious when it comes to football. Fuck History and who deserved to win, a penalty is a penalty.

  13. Ping Yang says:

    Evra’s legs were fucking wrapped around Ramires, you blind dumbass.

  14. Bruno says:

    @Ping Yang
    It wasn’t a penalty. You can cry if you want but show some respect boy.

    Couldn’t score a goal in 90 minutes at home and now blame the world for being against you. Ha-ha-ha F*ck off. You guys won the league last year with decisions going your way, now play the football and try to win against Man Utd at Old Trafford. I bet my life you’ll lose.

  15. Bruno says:

    What about Terry and Cole shouting at the ref for a supposed penalty on Torres? HAHAHAHAHA Chelsea are funny man, they really are.

  16. The Yank says:



  17. Ping Yang says:


    Hey retard, I know we didn’t deserve to win and the way we are playing, Manchester United are going to make the semis. However, I was trying to make my point that it was a fucking penalty. That is it. Just forget everything else, it was a penalty. It was wrongly given and I accept that. You were the one bitching about the fact that it wasn’t a penalty. If I was a Manchester United fan, I would accept it was a penalty and say “Hey, shit happens in football, tough luck.” So stop talking about football, you obviously know nothing about.

    And @Yank: Shut the fuck up. You already posted that comment before and no one gave a shit. Maybe that is an indication to shut the fuck up.

  18. Ping Yang says:

    P.S. @ Bruno
    “show some respect boy” Respect who? You? “HAHAHAHAHA (Bruno) (is) funny man, (he) really (is).”

  19. Bruno says:

    @Ping Yang

    So, genius, if you think it was a foul and the guy posted a pic showing it was OUTSIDE the box…? Are you blind? I don’t think it was a foul, Ramires went down because he wanted to, the contact wasnt enough to bring him down like a girl. But, IF it was… it was outside the box, no penalty.

    So, fuck off crying baby, you’re out of the UCL and lost the premier league months ago. Also paid $50 for that guy who cant score a fucking goal. We have the worst Manchester United team of the last 15 years and still beat you up.

  20. Ping Yang says:


    Just to save time, lets just agree to disagree about the penalty. However just take everything you have said and look at this one more time. On my part, enough said.

    Secondly, you already said “Stop crying,” lets not get repetitive when it comes to insults, it just makes your comeback much shittier than it already is. You really need to stop getting off topic. I already recognized Manchester as the better team, no need to repeat on how much better they are, you already made your point last time. All I wanted to discuss was the penalty appeal (as I have repeatedly emphasized) yet you seem to keep on wanting to talk about other things.

    Thirdly, it was 50 million not 50$. Just backed up my case that you are a retard and know NOTHING about football.

    You are pathetic and incredibly daft when it comes to football. Next time you have an opinion, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

    p.s “Still beat you up” it was a football match not a brawl fight. Terrible choice of words. Man, can you get anymore dumb?? Your stupidity astonishes me time and time again.

    Please respond, so I can see if you can outdo yourself. Have a good day.

  21. Ping Yang says:

    I just pulled this up for you.

    In the hopes that one day you will understand the difference. :)

    By the way, thanks for calling me a “Genius,” I didn’t take that as being sarcastic whatsoever because compared to you, I am one.

    A piece of advice, sarcasm doesn’t travel well through messaging so don’t try to be a smart ass again. Secondly, have you ever heard of the saying, “Sarcasm is the lowest for of wit”? Of course YOU haven’t, but try your best to understand it (even though I know you won’t).

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