‘I Cry During Sad Moments, The Notebook Really Touched Me’ – Nemanja Vidic Reveals His One Weakness

Chris Wright

13th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

Sadly, this is the closest we could get to Vidic looking emotional in any way

He may be a cast-iron, lantern-jawed knobbling machine on the outside, but inside Nemanja Vidic beats a human heart like the rest of us. He has his foibles, his flaws and his weaknesses and, from time to time, the Serbian beast almost cries tears…real, human tears.

Speaking to the Mirror, Vidic said:

“I know I have a reputation for being strong but I am only human. I cry during very sad moments.

“There was one film – The Notebook – that really touched me too. I was watching it alone, sitting in the dark, and I got very involved in the story.

“I almost cried. Almost.”

Key word: Almost.

The only time Vidic ever actually forced moisture through his titanium tear ducts was when his eyes needed cooling during a desert knife-fight with a thousand flaming pit vipers.

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  1. Quotation Moderator says:

    Next time try not making up your own quotations for the headline.

  2. St Michael says:

    You know it.

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