Newcastle 0-0 Man Utd: ‘Chicha-Cheato’ Gets His Comeuppance (With Photos)

Chris Wright

20th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

Newcastle successfully kept Manchester United at arm’s length last night with the game at St James’ Park eventually running out goalless – though it wasn’t without incident.

Several penalty claims were waved away, with Newcastle the first to see their protestations fall on deaf ears in the 59th minute when referee Lee Probert decided that Anderson’s blindside trip on Peter Lovenkrands wasn’t enough to warrant a spot kick.

United then had their chance to feel aggrieved when a fierce Wayne Rooney shot clattered off the leaping Cheik Tiote’s arm at close range before Javier Hernandez (or ‘Chicha-Cheato’ as the Daily Mail have seen fit to brand him this morning – he is a swarthy foreign fellow after all) shamefully sank to his haunches under the slightest duress as the game ticked over into the final minutes, only to receive a yellow card from Probert for his troubles.

Ryan Giggs wasted United’s best opportunity to fully extend their lead over Arsenal at the top of the Premier League – wafting a 69th-minute effort wide, while the shared point sees Newcastle climb back into the loving bosom of the top half of the table.

Post-game, Sir Alex rather ridiculously marked the decision to book Hernandez for blatantly diving as an ‘insult’, while Toon manager Alan Pardew saw fit to laud the officials for not kowtow-ing to the pressure, saying:

“My heart sank. Because of the history of United’s last-minute goals, the club they are and who their manager is, I thought the ref would give it. So you have to applaud him for the decision he made, it was the correct one.”

Quite right.


Shola Ameobi stretches for a loose ball

Nani attempts to spirit the ball away from under Cheik Tiote’s nose

Shola Ameobi rises above Mike Williamson to power a header goalwards

Joey Barton and Ryan Giggs tussle for the ball

Tim Krul beats Javier Hernandez to the ball

Peter Lovenkrands fires an effort at goal

Nani tries to wriggle his way through the Newcastle backline

Shola Ameobi attempts something spectacular

Anderson trips Peter Lovenkrands as the winger makes his way into the penalty area

Danny Guthrie battles for the ball with Michael Owen, who was booed on his arrival

Wayne Rooney takes on water

Danny Simpson reacts furiously to Javier Hernandez’s theatrical dive

Wayne Rooney politely questions Lee Probert’s decision to book Javier Hernandez

Chris Smalling and Wayne Rooney applaud their travelling support after the final whistle

Photos courtesy of the PA.

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  1. Jack says:

    how is it a dive, he tried to get out of the way of the leg and contact was made in mid air. go back and watch it and if hernandez doesnt jump to avoid the leg, you will see simpson does remove it from his line so just by running forwards very solid contact would of been made.

    also you missed out a penalty incident but tbh so has everyone else lol
    early in the second half a gk kick was awarded when it should of been a manu corner, on the replay we all clearly saw a player use both hands, yet its not a talking point lol

  2. Collie says:


    Haha you make me laugh. Peno me arse, cheating diving git!!

    United got lucky cause andersons tackle 100% was a pen

  3. Matt says:

    This is ridiculous – the referee once again gives Fergie amunition and reason to doubt their decisions. If Hernandez dived and was carded why on earth has he not been consistent and carded Lovenkrands in the first half? He dived and appealed heavily just as Hernandez did. Like Jack says Hernandez jumps to avoid the contact from Simpsons outstretched leg, but contact albeit very minimal is made. And the Toite incident where he handballed it inside the box? the ref was stood no more than 3 yeards from him! The referee was poor last night, even blatant decisions like goal kicks being given when they were clear corners (rooneys one on one which hit Krul on the top of his head and went over, which was going in otherwise). Man United were poor once again, the shadow of the team they were years ago and were just as bad if not worse than they were on saturday against Man City where the gifted City the game. Carrick, O’Shea and Evra need to go at the end of the season and reluctantly maybe Anderson too. All were awful in the last two games and Carrick continues to make costly mistakes on the edge of his box. You can’t blame fergie, he’s seen some very poor decisions go against him this season, and almost none go for him.

  4. Danny Salford Red says:

    Personally I thought both were penalties but still fully expected a media campaign against Hernandez. In fact I was almost pleased we didnt get it awarded as its getting ridiculous now reading the desperate attempts to make news from Man Utd from complete nothing incidents as per usual. And there was definite contact so to call it a blatant dive i have to question if you even saw the game.

  5. Danny Salford Red says:

    I suppose Hernandez should have been sent off and executed for that ‘horror’ challenge on Williamson that the ref ridiculously gave as a foul which was in fact a throw in. In fact I await the FA’s special Man United retrospective action and the new rule they have made up to be able to sanction us worse than other clubs for the same offences.

  6. Andrew Thompson says:

    Hard to call handball decisions when the ball/play is going very very fast.

    shocked that MUFC are complaining about there pen claim

    NUFCs was much stronger and a def pen.

    Tiote > ALL of Man Utds midfield yesterday

  7. Collie says:

    Haha boo hoo! Some serious Man U tinted glasses this morning! THERE WAS NO CONTACT.

    @ Matt. No decisions? Does evra in the last minute at stamford bridge ring a bell?? There are plenty more as well

  8. emmy mu says:

    It was a penalty

  9. CFC_Jay says:

    get a grip guys and see sense please!! Minimal contact does not suggest a foul and neither should anyone go down like a sack of spuds because of it. If everyone playing went down the moment they felt the slightest contact then the whole field would be on the floor at some point in the game! The ref booked Hernandez for what he felt was simulation and trying to win a penalty. The only person who knows whether this is true or not is only Hernandez himself (it looked dodgy and possibly harsh but watching replays you can see both sides to the argument). also Lovenkrands wasnt booked because it wasnt a dive in any way and i can only assume the ref thought Lovenkrands went down through contact but only after the ball was won (replays show this not to be the case but the ref has only one view of this so a snap judgment has been made).
    Also i wont go into too much about Fergies comments after the game but he does make me laugh………how he can be so certain that Hernandez was a penalty yet somehow “not even see” the Lovenkrands incident, yet they were both in the same end of the ground and surely he had a decent view sitting where he was…………..or was this just selective viewing?? hahahaha!

  10. CFC_Jay says:

    ……also to sum up, Newcastle should have had a penalty but Man Utd not being awarded one was spot on!

  11. Matt says:

    @ Collie – even if the penalty was given for Evra’s foul it wouldnt have changed the game – would have still won 3-2 on aggregate. Like i said we’ve had far more against us than for us that have cost us points.

    Zhirkov dive at stamford bridge to earn them a 2-1 win?

    Collie simpons leg came out and he did not touch the ball – I’ve seen the replay a dozen times and it’s a penatly.

    Regarding the Lovenkrands incident – regardless of whether the following through of winning the ball caused him to go to ground, he protested as if it were a foul and resultedly a penalty. This is simulation and in my opinion is exactly the same as what everyone is saying about Hernandez. Hernandez isn’t the type of player to cheat, it wasn’t a must win game, although the win would have probably sealed the title.

    It’s ridiculous how the press completely blow anything Man United out of proportion by pin pointing one moment in a game rather than looking at the game as a whole and other incidents that have have gone on. At the end of the day the ref made a handful of poor decisions that on balance far more went against Man United i.e. corners than were given as goal kicks, cards not being issued when they should have (carrick on edge of box about to shoot, free kick given no card, yet tiote booked 5 mins earlier for a similar foul just in his own half)

  12. Chris also says:

    If your team is creating nothing half of the time, misfiring when something is created, making horrible decisions defensively and barely winning games most of the season through last gasp shots and penalty calls should you be concentrating on the ref? Shouldn’t he be concentrating on his team’s failings? Fergie, meet Wenger.

  13. JJL says:

    Full disclosure – I support United….Definitely a dive and definitely deserved the yellow. However, Lovenkrands was equally a dive, no real contact and yet he goes down like he got a boot up his arse. He should have gotten a yellow too.

    I think the thing that is frustrating for United supporters(and should be for ALL fans)is the inconsistency shown by refs and the FA all season long – and I’m not just talking about United. I’m not saying this is a part of a big conspiracy or anything like that, I just think that all of the officials in the game (refs/FA) need to think a little bit before they make a decision.

    Just like with the Rooney whatfuckingwhat situation. You are going to hand him a fine and a suspension because he screamed it in earshot of a camera? The rules say NOTHING about being audible to the TV audience. It says you aren’t allowed to swear on the pitch. Dalglish saying “Piss off” and “fuck off” was picked up by the audio in the stadium this past weekend and nothing was done. There have been at least 15 instances of cameras showing players clearly swearing and even though they weren’t picked up by microphones, they should be punished (if we are following the rules).

    I know I’m straying from the topic here but the overall point is that all we want is consistency.

  14. anon says:

    “If your team is creating nothing half of the time, misfiring when something is created, making horrible decisions defensively and barely winning games most of the season through last gasp shots and penalty calls should you be concentrating on the ref? Shouldn’t he be concentrating on his team’s failings? Fergie, meet Wenger.” – Chris . Completely agree with you here. If they had scored a goal prior to this he would not be complaining.

    For people who say Fergie gets a load of bad luck that is absoute crap. A few games ago berba scored from an offside position against fulham. With Wenger and Fergie you get the same response to every bloody decision – if it goes against them they complain and have a rant – if they get a decision that they should not have got then its is ALWAYS ” well I would have to look at the video as I didn’t see it” . They know full well the decision was wrong and yet they never seem to complain about the bad refereeing as long as they win!

    They should either just accept that it is a part of football or – if they are going to go against the referees (I think they should be allowed to) then at least complain when the ref is bad to the other team too. Would be good to see some neutrality on the matter. Personally I detest Sir Alex – I cant stand seeing his interviews etc. but I won’t deny he is a good manager.

    Finally I do think that there should be better refereeing and the potential use of video tech – like the 4th official has access to the replay and the ref can call on him in a potentially difficult situation.

    Although it is annoying seeing your team lose point from bad calls you also get the luck sometimes and it is always going to be a part of the game. When we (Fulham) played spurs at home we lost 2-1 because of a goal that was offside (the linesmans flag went up) and the referee overruled it. So that cost us a point. Obviously it goes in our favor sometimes too. Just have to accept it I guess.

    Rant over.

  15. Collie says:

    @Matt Your argument is a load of rubbish because a goal for Chelsea would have changed everything. They may have came to old trafford and played a different formation or different players cause they had this goal! Hindsight of a result does not work in football cause situations change with every decision.

    How a United fan can complain about diving is really beyond me when they have the biggest diver possibly ever to play in the premiership (Nani) swanning about and crying like a bitch every single week. How many nani dives have resulted in goals for United this year?? Id love to see that stat.

  16. NUFC says:

    I’d love to see a stat showing how much of a wanker you truely are Collie.

    Give the guy a break, no one was talking about Nani. The incident in question is the Hernandez dive. It’s clear you hate United, your’e not the only one but I agree with Matt that United have had alot of decisions go against them, whether they prove to be costly will remain to be seen but it’s a testament to United if they win the league this year as they’ve been average at best, poor referees & linesmans aside…

  17. Collie says:

    Of course it is of relevance, hes banging on about zhirkov diving so how is it not?

    Try support a team at the bottom of the prem who always seem to get the decisions going against them.

    For the record im no man united hater, i was giving my honest opinion. I dont support an English football team!

  18. Collie says:

    PS I dont think they keep track of them stat otherwise you would be top of the table you insulting tool

  19. Fellaini's Fro says:

    What is this, rational arguments being made on WAATP? Where’s the Yank and Mr. Angry when you need them!

  20. Rob says:

    I agree with CFC contact doesn’t mean it’s a foul, football is a contact sport, if free kicks/penalties are given for challenges on Hernandez & Co then a fee kick will have to be given every time a player is touched no matter how hard.
    And Nani should have been shown two yellows for his two dives.

  21. Mr. Volatile says:

    that fucking CHEATERRITO is a little arsehole just like all you manure scum fans! that little fucker has been diving all season long!!!

  22. Mr. Angry says:

    fucking little scum!

  23. Mr. Angry says:

    i am also mr volatile

  24. Mr. Angry says:

    to all you fuckers! stop kissin each others arses with all this rational argument shit! just nail that little fucker cheaterrito!

  25. minde says:

    @collie what a fucking disgrace you are , you say you not man u hater but talk excactly . mr volatile usual deluded liverpool cunt – mental

  26. emmy mu says:

    @mr Angry fuck you everyone has there own opinion but ur opinions shit so get lost

  27. RedSkywalker says:

    Ridiculously biased. Anything to have a dig at United…

  28. Mr. Angry says:

    @ emmy mu

    shut up you fucking cocksuker!

  29. emmy mu says:

    You need one of them to shut your face

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