Ashley Young Holds Talks With Man Utd, Yet Another £16m Move In The Offing?

By Chris Wright

It’s not set in stone quite yet, but the Press Association are reporting this afternoon that Villa star Ashley Young – or, more accurately, his agents – have held initial talks with Manchester United over a £16 million (what is it with that particular price tag at the moment?) move.

According to the PA’s report, no comment has been made by either club as yet, but Young’s representatives are known to have been in discussions with United all this week and there may just be an ‘official announcement made at some point next week’.

Should this one bear fruit it would be hard to deem it as anything other than a smart signing from United’s perspective, especially considering that they seem to have escaped without paying out on any vastly-inflated ‘English premium’ (due to Young’s dwindling contract) and that the happy side-effect that Gabriel Obertan and Bebe will both be ushered even further from first-team duties on the England winger’s arrival.

As for Villa fans, surely it was almost inevitable that Young was going to skidaddle this summer, no?

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  1. wtfmate says:

    16M + N’Gog for Henderson and ONLY 16M for Young who is worth at least 25M… no sense at all!! good deal for MU though even though I would prefer to see Young at Arsenal

  2. Nasty Naig says:

    16M is a damn good price considering he has only 12 months left on his contract. Pity he wants to go, but unfortunately the only silverware we can offer him is a knife and fork in the canteen!!

  3. Billy says:

    Good deal if they get him for 16.

    I’ve started hearing Cesc will leave Arsenal and they will then bid for KAKA.

  4. wtfmate says:

    @Nasty Naig: didn’t know he had only 1 year contract left.. good point. However Neuer just left for around 25M with a year left as well. I believe villa could still get a bit more for their star

  5. syndex says:

    I think he will loan bebe and orbertan out rather than outright admit an absolute balls up

  6. syndex says:

    btw young coming in would imply berba is staying as young has deadly crossing but berba is the only tall striker at the club. I assume Villa are getting in some cash for a team reshape with the new gaffer.

  7. Sex God says:

    ah yes, Ashley Young

    a future potential Sex God understudy

  8. Hottt Dude says:

    ooooh baby ashley young is so hottt

  9. Jizz Man says:

    syndex, Berbatov might be our tallest striker but he is probably also our worst headerer.

  10. lordrt says:

    Another winger at MU, WTF are they playing at in the end???

  11. Anabelle says:

    He just called off his wedding. Two days prior.

    Out with old, in with the new.

  12. Gino Annie? says:

    16 Mill for Young, 20 mill for Henderson?????

    I think United will be rubbing their hands at this one, Young is a good player and a near normal price for an england player. As soon as he slips on the united shirt he’ll be worth another 10 mill…….. and then another 10 mill if he plays for england in a tournament….. and another 5 mill added when the english commentator spunks his load when he makes a decent cross for rooney

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