The readers of rate Mikael Silvestre above Denis Irwin

Ollie Irish

15th, October 2009



Fergie dream team Man Utd

Can’t dispute many selections of the Manchester United Fergie Dream Team (no C-Ron?!), selected by the sage readers of, but Silvestre above Denis Irwin at left-back!! Talk sense.

It’s political correctness gone mad (not really), but of course Denis is too nice to make a song and dance about it. If it was me, I’d go off like a giant firework:

“Mikael fucking Silvestre! You have got to be shitting me, sage readers of! That bean-headed eejut! Seriously? Jesus wept, begorrah etc.”

NEVER forget the Power of the Irwin.

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  1. Melvinho says:

    Whoever voted for EIH over Irwin is not a United Supporter !!!! Absolutly shocking and shame on them !!!

  2. manc. says:

    mate that dream team was voted around 5-6 years ago, when silvestre was still a decent CB/LB and man utd were interested in a soon-to-be tubby brazilian called ronaldinho

  3. Nick says:

    Even as a United fan I have to laugh at that. Moon head over Evra, let alone a legend like Irwin?

    So bad it’s funny!

  4. MyEyesHurtNow says:

    That’s funny. Beckham over Ronaldo. Silvestre was considered? Sorry for Bryan Robson. Van Niesteroy over Rooney…? Interesting.

  5. Dave says:

    This was made around 3-4 years ago, I remember seeing it, so there will be no Ronaldo included or Vidic etc

  6. MyEyesHurtNow says:

    Juan Veron was runner up for central midfielder? What is wrong with the voters?

  7. That man says:

    nah this is a very old “dream team” ive seen this one many a time

  8. Ollie says:

    OK, in the light of the fact this is much older than I realised, it’s not such a terrible XI. Still, Irwin below any other Fergie LB is a flat-out poor choice.

  9. Sheps says:

    Couldn’t agree more Ollie. In fact, I’d have Irwin at right back as well, and I’d have him taking free kicks and penalties. But then, along with namesake Steve, he was my childhood idol and since he’s now the only one alive I do need to big him up.

  10. helder says:

    evra al left bk…. ronaldo and rooney!!!

  11. RedSkywalker says:

    What about Taibi?? Poborsky?? Cruyff?? Veron?? Djemba Djemba????

    But seriously, its a disgrace Irwin is not there, wouldn’t you consider hughes over van Nistelrooy?

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