Should Liverpool sack Rafa Benitez now or after they lose to Man Utd?

Ollie Irish

21st, October 2009



Four defeats in a row and Man Utd up next. Doesn’t look good for Rafa, but he only has himself to blame: pissing off Xabi Alonso, relying too much on Gerrard & Torres, not buying decent reserve strikers – just three big errors he has made in his time at Anfield. Yeah, the owners are tools, but Benitez must answer for what happens on the pitch.

So, sack him now or after Liverpool lose on Sunday? Your call, people:

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  1. martin badger says:

    Get rid of him as soon as possible. He’s arrogant and has no plan at all for the future. Liverpool fans have to be realistic – you can’t compete against the likes of Chelsea or United or Arsenal with rubbish like Leiva and N’gog in your team. We are seven or eight players away from having a good side and will do very well indeed to finish in the top six. But at least getting rid of Benitez would be a start. Maybe after the United, Arsenal and Lyon defeats he’ll get the chop.

  2. martin badger says:

    He should be sacked as soon as possible. His arrogance and incompetence are intolerable. Just for buying a player who was injured for three months – at least – he deserves the chop. But Liverpool fans must understand that you can’t compete against sides like Chelsea and United with rubbish like Leiva and N’gog in your team. If they finish in the top six or seven I will be very surprised.

  3. manic says:

    Rafa Benitez has a greater win ration than most liverpool managers of old, almost all the current premier league managers and has assembled a team that only missed out on the title by two points, How did united start last season? What about a fourth vote keep him I dont believe this media hyped crap.

  4. Anonymous says:

    rafa must now.he is not the man to bring the premiership.we will never win it with him.

  5. KZ says:

    It is crazy to sack Rafa at this time!

  6. KZ says:

    Shut up and go drink your milk martin.

  7. Zana says:

    I like u guys when u r talking like that , its just entertaining to c liverpool fans to blame their manager and i agree with martin rafa is an absolute disaster, look at ur midfield its nothing without alonso.its a fact

  8. mjc says:

    The guy is an idiot and i hope Liverpool are manged by him for many more seasons to come

  9. nandos says:

    the door is open wide for rafa….sayonara and bring together LUCAS

  10. scouse says:

    sadly i think he should go, there are two many foreign players in the side.more british talent out there that need a break. i wonder what shankly be thinking as he looks down at the club also we need to get rid of the two yanks because any yank that gets in always leaves a mess and destry and cause destruction were ever they go

  11. Utd Fan says:

    Keep him, defo. We love him!

  12. sampson says:

    I must say I love the sound of whining Liverpool supporters.

    It was the beach ball, wah, wah!

    The present situation is really, really funny. The idea of Liverpool finishing 8th and going bust makes me smile every time I think about it, but I have £20 coming to me from a silly gloryhunting red, as I bet the daft c#nt Liverpool would never win a Premier League title with Benitez at the helm. I can afford to wait though.

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  14. toni says:

    The thing Liverpool should get rid of would be their current fans…
    On TV I only heard Lyons fans last night. While the stereo was crashing this “you ll never walk alone” bullshit, fans(?) were talking about sacking Benitez just cause he lost 4 games this season…
    No popular atmosphere in this club anymore, and sacking your manager would just be another proof of this tendency.

  15. Adrian Lee says:

    Sack the man. Wish him well though. Pool will be better of without him and his stupid zonal marking which is letting in goals. I dont understand how for 5 yrs he has not built a team that can challenge for titles but a team built around 2 or players.
    The following players we have are good when playing against teams at the bottom of the table. Lucas, Voronin, Ngog, Babel, Aurelio, Riera, and the bast@rd greedy argentinian mascherano must go.

  16. theturdz says:

    get king kenny in now before the united game fergie will shit himself the only reason that united have done so well over the last 20years is because we lost king kenny and believe me if he had stayed fergie would have been history years ago and we would still be kings of england and europe so get dalglish in now and rafa and the yanks out

  17. mo says:

    I would love to see Rafa go, the club in turmoil, no new manager, out of the champions league, out of the top four and in serious financial straights

  18. David Robinson says:

    Rafa should do the decent thing and resign before he is sacked. At this time our players look demoralised, we need legendary born leader Kenny Dalglish to carry the club forward as he did in the past. I don’t beleive Robbie Keane, Crouch and Alonso deserved to go under the circumstances that they did, they are all doing ok with their new clubs and good luck to them! I have supported Lfc since ’65 I have never seen money squandered like it has over the last 3 years on players, money that could have been invested in “home grown” talent.

  19. danny c says:

    get benitez ou nd bring in harry redknapp’ martin o neil ‘ kevin keegan r kenny dalglish

  20. that was rather amusing says:

    he was the right man when he came, but what Liverpool needed at the time was pretty obvious to everyone (except houllier). he’s taken the team as far as he can, it’s time for someone else.

    oh, except not f*&%ing Mourihno.

    and also sell the club to people who aren’t retarded/american.

  21. Michael says:

    Get Dalglish in? Really? Remember when Keegan was the best manager out there? Look what happened during his comeback. Seriously, its better to let legends be legends than give them an opportunity to forever tarnish their reputation.

  22. Ray Kennedy says:

    WHO WON THAT F…… Game THEN Liiiiiiverpool


  23. Connor W says:

    HaHaHaHa. i no were doing crap this season, as a liverpool fan even i can admit to that. but it does man u fans no good havin a go at us seen as we managed to beat the for the 2nd season in a row. makes me chuckle. even if we do shit this season, i will still be pissed off, but we all no were goin down without a fight and even if we do, well back again. F%CK MAN UNITED LONG LIVE LIVERPOOL FC !!!!!!!

  24. Beneaves says:

    liverpool counter punch is nigh! Liverpool may still yet qualify for europe and finish top for with half a squad !!!!!

  25. Beneaves says:

    correction* Get qualify for last last 16 in europe and finish top 4 in Premier league! 2010/2011 is gonna be our double though!!

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