Why is Nemanja Vidic so scared of Fernando Torres?

Ollie Irish

26th, October 2009


Nemanja Vidic is a big scary centre-back, so I find it comical – though not as comical as most Liverpool fans – that he’d be afraid of a girly striker like Nando Torres.

But the Serb is clearly terrified of El Nino – the Spaniard is his Kryptonite, something which is summed up perfectly by this photo (some Scousers might want to download this and use it as their screensaver):


Rio: “Torres just merked you bro!”

That’s three red cards for Vidic in his last three games against Liverpool, a stat that will give Fergie pause for thought next time he picks a team to face Rafa’s men. (A word of advice: go for Jonny Evans instead.)

I’m not sure why Vidic can’t handle Nando, or if there’s something about the Spaniard that winds him up so much, as normally he’s an excellent defender. Yes, Torres is world-class but I’ve seen Vidic keep other world-class forwards in his pocket for 90 minutes. Whatever – Torres is now Vidic’s bogey man, and with Halloween approaching, any kids wanting to knock on the door of Nemanja’s mock-Tudor mansion might want to think first about the consequences of wearing a Torres mask.

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  1. David says:

    Why do you say Torres is a ‘girly’ striker? Is it because of his hair?
    Torres is one of the stongest strikers in football, which is one of the reasons he scores more goals than anyone in the most physical league in Europe, no free kicks or pens either

  2. Ollie says:

    I say it because I don’t mean it.

  3. Simon Borg says:

    Torres is the best striker in the world full stop. He is strong, sharp quick on the turn, ferocious shot, and extremely fast imagine what he and Villa could do together.I always said that Liverpool posess some of the best players in the world and these are Reina,agger,Skyrtel, Johnson, Mascherano,Gerrard,Torres,Benayoun and we will see now with aquilani we have bought an excellent addition. My team would read Reina,Johnson,Agger,Skyrtel,Insua,Mascherano,Gerrard,Aquilani,Silva,Torres & Pato or Villa. That team would win the league for at least the next three years plus the Champions league at least twice

  4. Chringle says:

    They were raving on 5Live about how “no other striker in the EPL could have scored Torres’ goal” against Man Utd. I may be missing something but it seemed that it was a fairly bog standard blast beyond the keeper to me. I know he did well to get into the position and I’m fully aware that the boy/girl is a world class striker but come on people! A bit of perspective is needed!

  5. Ollie says:

    @ Chringle: I thought Torres did well to hold off Rio Ferdinand, but the finish – though excellent – was something you might also see from Anelka, Drogba, Rooney etc.

  6. wrighty says:

    i think chringle needs to look at the goal again not only did he get in that position he scored it with the so called best centre back in the league litterally hanging off him! and let the fools say he’s a girl, at the end of the day he is the best striker in the world, he plays for the best team in the world, he plays for his country, he’s adored by anyone who knows what they’re talking about, he’s got a wife and i’m sure he’s not short of a few bob so i really don’t think he cares what these people think about him!

  7. Chringle says:

    @Ollie: He did do well to hold off Rio but the finish was just a smash past Van Der Sar. I think many of the forwards in the Prem could have scored it, obviously with a few exceptions ie, Zamora, Heskey, Dindane etc.

    It was a good goal but nothing special. Certainly not a ‘one in a million’ strike as they were lauding it on 5Live. But then Alan Green is a buffoon.

  8. Spit The Dog says:

    Don’t forget Torres wasn’t fit and still did what he did to Ferd and Vidic. Rooney wasn’t fit either and didn’t perform as a result.

    “I’m not sure why Vidic can’t handle Nando…” -Ollie have you ever been to a football match!? When he’s on form no-one can get near Torres.

    I agree it wasn’t a world class goal though, it was a great goal and nothing more.

  9. V says:

    Vidic is also massively overrated. It’s the partnership with Rio that makes him look better than he is.

  10. harry says:

    Vidic is and always has been a dirty player, basically if he can bully the oppositions forward he does fine, when the bully gets bullied he is like a fish out of sea.

    Dnt get me wrong, 3 games on the bounce he has been exposed for shitting himself, when one runs at him at pace, and when he cant get the protection form so called Fergies Refs on the payroll.

  11. harry says:

    Vidic is and always has been a dirty player, basically if he can bully the oppositions forward he does fine, when the bully gets bullied he is like a fish out of water

    Dnt get me wrong, 3 games on the bounce he has been exposed for shitting himself, when one runs at him at pace, and when he cant get the protection form so called Fergies Refs on the payroll.

  12. nelsonpk says:

    agree harry,hes a bully. has this trick of throwing himself infront of players asif its an accident.Trouble is rafa sussed him out and now liverpool play on it.Its not just Torres though.Look at kuyt on Sunday (second yellow) and then Gerrard at Old toilet last season(straight red) he cant handle being exposed 1 on 1. Just amazed no other prem teams have cottoned on.Run at him with pace and he fills his pants !!!

  13. RedShanks says:

    Veni Vidi Vidic: I Came, I Saw, I Crapped It.

  14. tom hallahan says:

    Torres and maybe Rooney are the only ones that could have scored that goal yesterday. Anelka would have been brushed aside by Ferdinand and Drogba would have fallen down like a fairy and sulking for a penno.

  15. Ricky says:

    Just to get it out the way Im a red and I agree with alot of the comments, but……
    Vidic isnt the one who is made to look good in his defensive partnership its ferdinand he has to be one of the most overated defenders in the premiership, he has lived off the over inflated price tag that utd paid for him. The thing that suprises me is it has taken this long for old red nose to admit he is a lazy tw@t. And as for saying that Torres goal wasnt unbelieveable is just disrespectful. He latched onto a pass that ripped open the champions defence he out ran supposedly the best english defender available and then put the ball past the keeper who last season everyone was sayin will over take the great daneall this on 80% fitness. No this goal wasnt his greatest but on the back of other goals hes scored it cant be mistaken. And for cringle Torres has consitently scored from tight angles alot of time near post, I bet not one of you non-torres believers can name another striker who has scored that many similar goals against some of the best defenders in europe. And Im sure I read today that he has 34 goals in 35 games at Anfield, if that isnt a sign of the greatest striker in the worl I dont know wot is!!!!!

  16. kritter says:

    He’s not the best Striker in the world. That title belongs to one Zlatan Ibrahimovic. But he does own Vidic regularly.

  17. Andre says:

    Nearly every striker in the EPL goes down hoping for a penalty award. Torres is in a different class.

  18. BJE says:

    Don’t forget, that’s 34 goals in 35 games WITHOUT TAKING ANY FREE KICKS OR PENALTIES. Take those away from Ronaldo, Lampard et al and see how their numbers don’t look as great.

  19. colin says:

    can’t some said zaltan ibrahimovic is the best strikers in the world think I’ve seen him three times live now and he’s been shocking each time not a patch on torres .

  20. VeNN says:

    Torres as other people say is the best striker in the world. To be honest i still think he’s UNDERRATED, yeah, you hear me, his still underrated with the term “best striker in the world”.

    If Torres has a partner up front, he’s just as good as Villa and Ibrahimovic. But if you put Villa or Ibrahimovic upfront alone, they are a class below Torres. Torres should play upfront alone (current Liverpool formation) to get the best out of him. Put any of your favorite world class striker upfront alone and i’m pretty sure they will not shine brightly as Torres.

    The only striker can do this is Fernando Torres and Luis Nazário de Lima (Ronaldo, in his old days)

    I’m not surprised Benitez already see this. He already has Keane as his experiment, and obviously it failed.

    Torres – best striker in the world??… A Living Legend!!!

  21. Smegma says:

    Yes, Vidic can be outrun, so can any other defender. Remember, they are always a fraction of second behind in thinking and reacting. Ofensive player always has the advantage. However, Vidic will make countless great plays in the game, and noone remembers these. People only remember the bad stuff…Vidic is the best header of the ball, the bravest player, and extremely dedicated to his team. He will put his head where others wouldn’t dare put their foot. Pound for pound there isn’t anyone better in that position, in the world.

  22. Eldon says:

    Vidic is not scared of any one u fkn idiot

  23. Cassious says:

    vidic shits himself at the thought of torres…@ eldon,,, you fuckin dickhead

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a United fan I admit I shit myself watching Torres get the ball to his feet when we played Liverpool and even Chelsea he is the best striker hands down. If I was a defender I would just submit to Torres feet before I get a beat down from him

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