Photos: Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United, Premier League

Ollie Irish

26th, October 2009


Cantona masks, beach balls, Gary Neville in a strop, cheeky banners, Fergie red-faced, Pepe Reina jumping around like a madman – just another run-of-the-mill Liverpool v Man Utd clash then.

Pies has the best high-res photos from Anfield – and there are some crackers – for you to browse at your leisure:


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Liverpool's Steven Gerrard in the stands

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  1. zeezalyn says:

    Red nose fergie, we are back to our best. Even with your full squad, you did not win.

  2. StevieGistheMan says:

    Liverpool looked like a completely different team out there than the past 4 shitshow games that they lost.

  3. that was rather amusing says:

    scrub my legs manchester.

  4. Man_Utd_Fan says:

    Liverpool are losers, how many trophies in just the last 3 yrz says it all.
    Liverpool win battles- MANCHESTER UNITED Win Wars!!!!

  5. Mnau u are gay says:

    Man u fans a glory hunters lets see how many stick when they start to decline

  6. basti.lfc says:

    there’s a huge difference between (most of) the fans from manure and liverpool…

    many manure fans are glory hunting idiots…all they care about is their fuckin’ titles…i’ll bet that before they start winning trophies in the 90’s ,most of them didnt give a shit about scum united!

  7. Mr. Angry says:

    man u fans are super dickheads!

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