What Might Have Been: Wesley Sneijder Admits Man Utd Move Was Mighty Close

Chris Wright

1st, September 2011


By Chris Wright

Just look at him, the dirty flirt!

Wes Sneijder has been busy this morning, cork-screwing his metaphorical dagger into the hearts of thousands of Manchester United fans across the globe by regaling Dutch daily AD with tales of just how close he came to turning up at Old Trafford over the summer:

“I just felt that it was close, yes [I thought I was going to join Manchester United]. We had several talks, the situation was such that Inter had to sell a player, Eto’o or me, and indeed there was interest.

“They [United] are one of the biggest clubs in the world, so it did not seem a bad thing – but at the same time I do not want to leave Inter.”

“Italy is great for me. For me a move was not an absolute must, and there were a few things which meant it did not happen.”

“For me it was not so much a financial issue, my feeling was that I was simply feeling very good at Inter, I love the club but also the Italian culture and the people, it fits me.”

“No, Alex Ferguson and I have never spoken, so far…”

Just so you know, those last three dots were added for dramatic effect.

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  1. Papi says:

    I’m not a United fan, but I wouldn’t have minded seeing him at the Prem. It’s always interesting to see how players who do very well in other leagues do in England.

  2. Charlie Adam says:

    Please spare us the endless Sneijder to United shite, this isn’t the Daily Mirror.

  3. Varun says:

    Sneijder to United is Fabregas Saga Part II.

    You heard it first here.

  4. WhataShame says:

    I was really hoping for this transfer to go through. It was clear from the beginning that Sir Alex had nothing to do with it though. Gill was making all the moves and once Sneijder’s salary demands halted the deal, it was dead in the water.

    Sir Alex is a noted Modric fan and I believe he truly wants him, not Sneijder. He’s younger and has plenty of PL experience, so he’s more valuable in Fergie’s eyes. Of course, as Chelsea knows, Harry is keeping him all for himself. I guess he doesn’t realize that an unhappy player is just as bad as no player. Though, I’m very happy he didn’t go to Chelsea.

    Once the Champions League gets in full swing, we’ll see how well United do without a proven creative midfielder.

  5. deckard says:

    wenger should’ve got him. he was spending money like a lunatic these past days any way. sneijder says he loves the city, italian culture bla bla but seriously, what fuckin motivation is left after winning the league, cup, champs league, and world club cup. what drives you little man?

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