Who will win the race to sign David Villa – Man Utd or Liverpool?

Ollie Irish

29th, October 2009



David Villa has sacked his agent, which means of course that he’s pissed off to still be playing for Valencia. That’s a fair enough assumption, no?

Now I’m not one for baseless rumour-spreading – the world doesn’t need yet another source for football rumours – but in this case, it feels like Villa is readying himself for the big-money move that he richly deserves. It’s overdue – he can’t stay at Valencia his whole career, surely?

With the January transfer window less than three months away, I predict that he’ll end up at Man Utd or Liverpool. Serie A clubs don’t have the money, Real Madrid and Barcelona don’t need him, Chelsea can’t make any new signings (until they win their appeal), while both United and Liverpool are a quality striker short.

Wayne Rooney and Villa would make a terrific pairing, I think, while Fernando Torres and Villa is a no-brainer.

But who’s got more cash to splash? United, clearly, as they have yet to reinvest the £80m received from the sale of C-Ron to Madrid.

Where would Villa rather play though? If he has to play in England (he’d rather play in Spain) then he’d pick Liverpool, I guess, just because of the Spanish connections at the club.

Who knows, I could be very wrong about this, but I have a feeling he’ll go to United in January. What’s your take?

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  1. thomasson says:

    Do you think that Liverpool have a realistic chance signing David Villa??? Will you provide the money? :))

  2. david says:

    i think he will go utd cuz we still have alot of money liverpool dont have enough money real madrid are trying to pay off debts and barcelona are more interested in robinho

  3. Deano says:

    At £45M he is expensive for a player of his age, this is not the type of player Rafa will look at whilst his price tag is this high. Although one daily rag has United bidding £40M for both Villa & Silva, let me know how you get on with that one Alex (in Wonderland) !

  4. Philando Torres says:

    Obviously I hope we get him. Perhaps we could give Valencia Babel as part of the deal (he’s got potential, you know).

    Villa and Torres are already one of the world’s best partnerships internationally but there would be a question mark over where Villa would play. Would we revert to a 4-4-2 and have to leave the likes of Mascherano (Argentina captain and vital member of the team. We’re soft in the middle when he doesn’t play) and Lucas (vastly improved and quietly effective of late) out of the side to accomodate Gerrard and Aquilani in the middle?

    We couldn’t leave Villa on the bench all the time (he’s better than Keane after all), we couldn’t neglect Mascherano because he’ll piss off to Barcelona at the first oppurtunity.

    It’s a difficult one, which obviously requires a lot of brackets in my post (obviously), but every fan would want a player of his quality in their team. I just hope his good mate Torres tells him what a bunch of utter cunts the mancs are.

    So, come on you yank bastards, get the Saudi prince on board, get £20 million off him and give Valencia Babel and Riera as part of the deal.

  5. Kevin McCarthy says:

    I love the way the british media keep linking Villa with a move to England. The player has stated previously on numerous occasions that he wishes to remain in Spain.He was distraught when a move to Barcelona fell through last summer. I move to Barcelona after next years world cup is what will happen with Henry going to the MLS. Do you homework before writing silly articles.

  6. alex says:

    united have the money, but liverpool have a huge hard-on for spanish guys so you never know

  7. Ollie says:

    So Kevin, you failed to read the bit where I stated: “he’d rather play in Spain”?? Selective reading, huh. I’m well-aware that Villa would rather play in Spain, just as I’m sure there are plenty of Prem players who would rather be playing somewhere else.

    How about you read what I like to call ‘the words’ before rushing to criticise?

  8. Paul says:

    This is a silly pointless article. Liverpool can’t afford him- end of. Unless they want half our first team, all of our reserves and £20 in trade?

    Much more likely to go to Man U as it stands- but the Glazers seem to be feeling the pinch as well. Barca and Real are meant to have offered €42mil in the summer and it didnt happen. Would they fork out that? I doubt it.

    Trust the Mirror to publish this. Were they not publishing a story saying Liverpool was all but bankrupt last week, and now we are spending another £40million? Lazy journalism!

  9. Godwin Aikigbe says:

    Old Trafford is Villa’s most likely destination. United are known for winning titles, while Liverppol scarcely do. So, I figure the lightening quick forward will prefer the Theatre of Dreams to Anfield.

  10. Muscle Cars says:

    not Liverpool, they’re broke.
    not Man U, they already have Owen.
    My guess is Villa -the Birmingham club-, that’s where he belongs in England. They may not be rich enough though

    At the end of the day he’ll stay in Spain, cuz you can’t run away from bREALona (it’s like Brangelina, for spanish football clubs)

    el Real are more likely to buy him, they are not fed up with wasting big money yet and they desperately need to improve

  11. Sam says:

    I don’t think it will be just between United and Liverpool, Madrid may come back for him as they still have the money but I can’t see him fitting into Barca’s lineup and the only possible Serie A teams are Juventus and AC they have enough especially after AC selling Kaka and maybe Man City.. If I had to choose between United and Liverpool I’d say United at the moment but If the Liverpool takeover happens soon enough he would definately choose them over United.

  12. Kartik says:

    Most probably, according to me Villa would join Man Utd as they would be able to offer more money to Valencia CF. It will be nice to see David Villa in Premier League. He is a striker of great quality and technique.

  13. Daniel Toro says:

    I hope that chelsea can sign him, because i know that Drogba is great but at the same time he is getting older and we need to find him a rempleasment. But first we need to win that ruling in the court, becuase we have the money to pay for him. We always do

  14. Chringle says:

    From a purely nuetral perspective, I would love to see how ‘The Villa/Torres Axis’ fared in The Prem.

  15. evan says:

    don’t think he’ll move until the summer…but that’s just me…

  16. Geir says:

    Liverpool will get him of course. They have the money it takes :-)

  17. Fan says:

    Show me the money!!!

  18. hugh says:

    you said torres and villa is a no brainer. thats funny because they are obviously the best striking partnership in the world

  19. mascherano togo says:

    mascherano will be sold and Liverpool will buy villa. Wont need mascherano if we go 442

  20. Colie says:

    Villa himself has quite clearly stated if was going to England there would be only one destination and it’s not Cornation St. either….

  21. smithy says:

    remeber liverpool might be gettin saudis billionair and we are gettin a good sponsor so we will have the money

  22. Huw says:

    Hugh: @ 10.30, No brainer being the operative word obviously

  23. tonio says:

    yes evetualy he comes with due to spanish connection at liverpool fc

  24. tobey says:

    IF there is anyone of these clubs who can in a mysterious way get the money (£30 mill. should be enough taken to consideration the troubles in Valencia.), he would (almost of course) go to the “spanish” Liverpool to join up with friends Torres and Reina and his favourite manager (according to himself) Rafa Benitez.

    He has btw supposedly said to one of his closest friends that if there were any club in the world except spanish clubs, he would join Liverpool. The answer is pretty simple then… besides; unofficial sources have said that Villa is a LFC-fan…

    But Villa is not the type Liverpool would buy. Torres needs to be alone on top with Gerrard in a supporting role and Villa is waaay to good, and have too big ego to be on anybodys bench. Mata is the latet player Liverpool have been linked with, and I am much more confident that Liverpool will get him in the winter/summer-window next year.

  25. Please Please everyone stop speculating on my future.. I am happy at Valencia, I just want to concentrate on playing football, If i come to England to play, I think i would like to play with my good friend Fernando and work with the best manager in football. Mr Benitez, Anyway its always raining in scumchester…..y.n.w.a

  26. Scouter says:

    I think,the farther he would go is to Liverpool,there is no doubt about the partnership between him and Fernando,it already shown during Euro Cup 2008 and during qualifying,though,Liverpool broke but there is no such thing as impossible in the world of football.

    But if he insisting to go to Manchester United,I know he will be one of the fearsome strikers in premier league,because Wayne Rooney is good in providing chance and David is a deadly finisher,but then its up to Fergie himself to decide whom he want to buy,moreover,Manchester has very good young player such as Danny Welbeck and Macheda.

  27. ryan says:

    we will give valencia lucas, babel, voronin + 25mil for villa. hahahahahah. juz kidding, he will move to arsenal, who knows? mayb arsene wenger knows he need a quality finisher rather den relying on rvp

  28. jay says:

    I have it from a very good scource that liverpool had almost completed the signing of d.villa in the last moments of the last transfer window,
    only for gillette and hicks to start stumbling over the cash in the final moments because they wanted and tried to sign d.trezeguet at a cheaper bargain price but both deals fell through, also torres has in his contract that d.villa will be bought.

  29. Jobo says:

    Villa once stated that Real, Milan and Liverpool are the greatest football clubs in the world. Its hardly surprising with 21 European cups between them. In the same interview, he said that certain clubs in Europe were nothing more than franchises and relied on star players to earn money in popularity contests- like United did with Beckham.

    Unlucky United – your simply a franchise.

    Fergie manages arguably the richest club in the world and has never been able to dominate the Europan game. 2 Euro Cups in over 20 years of wealth – tut tut tut.

    Villa to Anfield me thinks

  30. fazz says:

    pls stop dreaming you people!! Villa will be staying in Spain. i hve the feeling that BARCA will be bidding from him..Henry getting old. Ibrhimovic needs support thou…a team full oc undoubted class in Messi..Busquets..keita..puyol..dani alves..u name it!! Liverpool…buying sotrios at 1.5M says it all. Simply hey du have the $$$$!!! dEVILS??? nah…pass it. Alex still have strong egoistic faith in ageing..injury-prone OWEN! wats more cn i say !!!

  31. bob says:

    Clearly he will want to go to liverpool because of torres and the spain manager will be pleased beause they will be working together even more so he will encurage villa but the money we will have to see if the owners can spare a little and we also use 16 on valenia winger + we despratly need a defender but he wont go to manu and if he dose he wont fit in

  32. Bradley Pearce says:

    My advice would be to sell mascherano and babel and get villa!

    johnson carragher agger auerilo
    kuyt gerrard aqualini yossi
    torres villa
    championship winning team!!!!!!!

  33. Frikki says:

    We could use this formation..

    Johnson Carragher Agger Aurelio/Insua
    Gerrard Aquilani
    Benayoun Villa

    Benayoun and Villa playing as wing forwards

  34. bobby says:

    Villa will NOT be going to Manchester United, although I wouldn’t mind if he does. Look at the facts – he wants to stay in spain, his wife just had a baby, if he has to leave – he rather it be liverpool. Throw in the fact United HATE paying a lot for players 25+. Barca will look for a replacement for the aging Henry. All these put together I think will put negotiations to rest. The more likely to come to United is Silva, hes stated he would like to play there before, Valencia need to sell, we have an older Giggs, worthless Nani, Valencia who plays well sometimes, Obertan is awesome though. Throw in Silva!

    Defensively we’re sound, we have regulars and backups. Midfield wise Anderson, Carrick, Fletcher (Scholes). Valencia, Nani, Giggs, Obertan(this guy is amazing). If we can get Silva, We can pair giggs in CM and that can keep him around for a couple more years. Striker wise we have Rooney, Berbatov. I think we’re fine – just throw in an extra striker.

  35. diranoct3 says:

    First of all, got money or dont have money is not the problem. Where Villa wants to play, that is the question. If Man Utd is so good why Fernando Torres ask MU to just F Off and sign for Liverpool(Thats bcoz Liverpool is still the best compared to Man Utd), so why Villa wont choose Liverpool over Man utd(Fact is he will choose Liverpool anytime)

  36. Gerry says:

    So many ridiculous points. This team, that team will win Liverpool the league.. Villa wants to go to LFC cos they are the best. Haha. Unless something drastic happens at anfield you won’t have the money for toilet paper let alone £30-40m for Villa. As for winning the league by selling your most important midfield player (now that Gerrard plays more up front) and buying Villa is a joke. United and City are the only teams that can afford Villa at the moment (seeing as Chelsea are currently banned from transfers) I don’t think he’ll go to City. Barca could be a sensible option in the summer, but who knows. Wait and see in Jan if anything happens. Can argue till the cows come home. No point.

  37. liverpool will need to sell first,a few possibilities would be to sell dossena,babel,voronin and riera.or maybe even a part ex

  38. Quincy says:

    Damn, Liverpool!!
    The kid doesn’t speak English yet. LET ALONE SCOTISH*if it existed that’d be da language AF nods…*

    Anyway, his step would be easier when gone to Liverpool. At least he has plenty of translators there! =P

  39. Simon Hector says:

    I would love to see Villa heading to Liverpool….. at least the KOP could be a strong contender for EPL title.

    Rather than having the pleasure of winning against the Devil and think they are better than the Champ.

  40. Jake ewins says:

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  41. LFC FORever says:

    i support liverpool, but they dont have the money to sign him n rafa is goin to be fired so 20 million gone there….

  42. aguero would be a better buy,trade in babel and riera

  43. Gilly says:

    Shut up you stupid Liverpool fans. Villa has stated he would always go to united so there plus united actually have the money. The ronaldo cash.

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