Rio Ferdinand merks himself with fake restaurant review

Ollie Irish

2nd, November 2009

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In the latest issue of bmi baby‘s in-flight magazine, Rio Ferdinand gave this plug review for new restaurant Rosso in Manchester:

“The vibe is nice and relaxed, with a casual dress code which I like. Plenty of footballers pop in for some quality food after matches and not just United players either.

“The chef is as hot as mustard! I love the flattened steak if I’m having a big main or the penne pasta, which is so good it’s ridiculous.”

A couple of things:

1) Rio is a major investor in Rosso. So enjoy the taste of this objective review.

2) Rosso is not even open yet. So for ridiculous penne, read IMAGINARY penne.

Dude merked himself.

[Source: Mirror]