Man Utd ask own fans to stop Wenger ‘paedophile’ chant

Ollie Irish

2nd, November 2009



Man Utd plan to write an open letter to their fans, requesting that they stop singing the “Sit down you paedophile!” chant, which is predominantly aimed at Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger (other clubs’ fans sing it at Wenger too, though not with the relish of United’s). The letter will be endorsed by Sir Alex Ferguson.

A United spokesman said:

“We have gone on the record several times about this disgusting chant. We don’t condone it and have appealed to fans several times in the past but to no avail. There are many chants that opposing fans find objectionable, and this is certainly one to which all decent supporters should object.”

So United’s fans – or a small section of them – have been asked to go to the headmaster’s office. But will they take any notice of the club’s request?

If there are any United fans out there who have joined in with this chant, please leave a comment…

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  1. I8Ollie says:

    Shut up you paedophile !

  2. Tom says:

    They plan to write an open letter. Get a grip. If they were serious they’d simply eject any fan singing the chant.

    That would be easy enough and get rid of the first 3 or 4 in a row and then see how many are brave enough to continue.

  3. The Righteous Man says:

    “a small section”?……………hardly. Lets try half the stadium.

    I’m sure if it was any manager, other than Wenger – we wouldn’t be hearing the end of it. He has barely mentioned this in the past.

    Yet ‘good old ‘arry’ mentions someone swearing (which i dont endorse) nearby and it makes the headlines. ridiculous!

  4. Ray Gatt - Malta says:

    I think it’s despicable and lack of respect towards a man who together with SAF has brought style and finesse to the English game. The ones who sing it should be banned from entering the Theatre of Dreams. They are a disgrace to the club. I,ve followed United for over 40 years and these chants I put on par with darts and other pointed objects being thrown at opposing fans in the 70ies. Shame on the brainless, pathetic idiots who sing it whether United fans (if one could call them fans) or from another club. The man deserves respect.

  5. mercy-boy says:

    Its not the folly of man united, its the folly of the british. they do not understand football in the modern form and finds it difficult to accept a french man is miles ahead in the science and art of modern football than their combined brains could pick.

  6. Well there will always be an idiot in every crowd. What a shame for a club such as manu to have such hooligans. It brings disrepute to the beautiful game. Wenger has done something that no manager in league has done i.e. developing young talents in the English Premier League.Be thankful otherwise one day it may all be lost forever.

  7. Jimmy says:

    shut up yu guys.I know u can not have respect to a person like Arsene.But remember he is the one of the best managers in England who has done alot.Be true sportsmen.STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

  8. jamie m. says:

    I agree, what a disgusting picture that is though.Idiots from 17 to 70 singing away not a bother on em.Is it any wonder Man U fans are hated the world over

  9. I8Ollie says:

    mercy-boy, Mr Arse is so “miles ahead in the rocket science and art of modern football” that his team won f*** all in the last 5 years !
    you paedophlie !

  10. Dennis says:

    Bout time too, Credit them for finally doing something about this chant, although geven that they have sung this song for over 10 years, it may have been more useful to issue this statement before this years home game against Arsenal – still better late than never.
    Credit should go to to Arsenal fans for never retaliating with equally mindless chants…

  11. MattyDub says:

    what’s a paedophlie? do they have wings??

  12. Gerry says:

    There are far too many fans singing this song to eject at home or away, and it’s not just United fans that sing it either. I would give a packet of sweets and a cheeky smile to Fergie if it stops now after this request..

  13. Gerry says:

    For the person who said no wonder United fans are hated the world over, it’s not because of this. Arsenal fans and Wenger himself might not like United fans because of this but there are far worse chants opposing teams sing about United especially about the Munich disaster, but they’re not hated the world over. United are hated the world over because of their size, success and fans supporting them from all around the world and sometimes instead of their local team. A lot of it is jealousy because their team isn’t as big, successful or well supported and there can by no denying it. ABUs (Anyone Bar United) are everywhere as it is generally human nature to support the underdog anyway, which is normally the team against United, and it’s an easy popularity card to play to hate United also. Correct.

  14. Johnny Yank says:

    For the thick, worthless English to be accusing anyone of pedophilia is like a Bengali claiming someone has body odor. You guys are the world epicenter of child abuse. This chant just reinforces that. You suck. Cheers from America.

  15. Bin largin says:

    Dear Johnny Wank, Isn’t America home of the Pedophile Pageant, dressing up minors as adults and parading them as such? Very disturbing. How are we the worlds epicentre of child abuse when that accolade belongs to your house? A yank calling someone else thick and worthless is a bit like your racist view on Bengali’s. Your reasoning about the chant reinforcing us as being pedo’s also applies to you, its a shame you can’t see the irony of your own email!

    Good luck out there, you will need it.

  16. Jon Stich says:

    You Mancs should stop stealing Tottenham songs and write some of your own. First Glory Glory and now your singing our Wenger song too!!!

    For the record Mr Wenger is a paedo that is why he left Japan in a hurry. He got caught over there with a couple of young Jap boys and was going to be charged but he paid the boys off.
    He is also partial to a few young African boys every now and then. That is why Ar*enals team is full of w**s

    To sum up then, Wenger IS a paedo and Mancs are to thick to write there own songs

  17. fergie's red nose!! says:

    Jon Stitch.You are so right my friend,it must be so hard to organise and mobilise people from Malaysia,Carlisle,Huddersfield and goodness know where else they come from to come up with originality in their songs,so it’s easier to steal songs from other clubs.Typical mancs really,or should I say pseudo mancs?..

  18. Arsenalman says:


  19. John Barnes says:

    @ Jon Stich, I think you’ll find the reason arsene left japan in such a hurry was because arsenal needed a new manager and decisively went in to sign him from grampus eight

    your revisionism amuses me

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  21. Footballsucks says:

    Football is shit anyway.

  22. Matt D says:

    Under Sir Matt,if you didn’t support the Mancs at least you respected them. Under McGuinness and Atkinson you pitied them. The reason so many hate them now is SAF. He can only get away with what he does by having a hell of a lot of ‘black’ on people at the F.A. If he wasn’t such a sour-faced miserable curmudgeon,tolerating players like Neville(why does he underline a nose like that?) and Scholes he and his Club would get a lot more respect. The fans take their lead from him and,let’s face it, they have,and need, a long time to learn even a short chant like that, while they travel to OT from the south.

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