Snapshot: Man Utd Teammates Rumble Michael Owen’s Jigsaw Obsession, Attack With ‘Boring’ Stickers

Chris Wright

28th, September 2011

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By Chris Wright

You may remember not-so-very long ago when Pies broke the huge news that Michael Owen was a closet 1,000-piece equine jigsaw junkie. No? How could you possibly let an earth-shaking story like that slip from your memory?

Very well, let’s move on.

Seems like L’il Micky’s Manchester United teammates have now cottoned on to his penchant for the puzzle, taking a tell-all magazine clipping and blu-tacking it up in Owen’s segment of the dressing room wall at Carrington, along with a rather hurtful sticker that read ‘ZZZZ!’…

Poor chap. Can’t a guy just enjoy some horse in the privacy of his own home without having to be berated for it at work?

Via Metro.

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1 Comment

  1. C says:

    To be fair, is there any living person on this earth that doesn’t make fun of the little fella when opportunity arises?

    I bet the Pies staff did some light grumbling and the trademark “John Cleese fist shake” beause they didn’t think to put the Zzzz when they “broke” the “huge news” the first time :)

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