Carlos Tevez buys huge print of infamous ‘Welcome to Manchester’ poster for home

Ollie Irish

2nd, November 2009



Carlos Tevez has paid £2,000 for a massive digital print of the infamous ‘Welcome to Manchester’ poster (see above) for his Cheshire pad. The 20ft wide print will hang in his games room (all professional sportsmen have games rooms these days – blame it on MTV Cribs).

The Argentine striker also plans to hang a second copy at his home in Buenos Aires. Nice – Paddy Power should take bets on which house will be burgled first.

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  1. DougEllis'LittleBigToe says:


  2. alex says:

    ugh, what a twat.

  3. Gerry says:

    As a United fan I don’t know what to think of Tevez. According to him he wasn’t loved at United and wasn’t offered a contract either in time or to his satisfaction. According to Fergie he offered him a contract in February to which Tevez didn’t reply whilst on International duty. I’ve never seen a player go from so loved to so hated instantly. I’d like to wish him luck, but I can’t whilst he’s where he is. Him buying this poster shows signs that he was hurt by United fans by their reaction to him when he came back to OT. Nevermind Carlos. You’ll have a decent bank balance over the next couple of years, before you leave to go somewhere else.

  4. Kia says:

    Silly bastard.

  5. Ricky Thompson says:

    He didnt buy one. He got one bought for him as a gift by a family member in Argentina. Which is were it is hanging. Not in Manchester. Perhaps in future people can find out the true facts and not rely on chinese whispers for their information. CTID.

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