Man Utd stars were ‘incredibly polite’ (unlike Tottenham’s players)

Ollie Irish

3rd, November 2009



Some interesting Prem-related quotes in a feature in The Times today, titled ‘Confessions of a cabin crew’. An air stewardess had this to say about the mid-air manners of a couple of teams:

“We often get football teams flying to European games, and it’s always interesting to see how they behave. Without doubt the rudest was Spurs. They were going to Prague a couple of years ago, and they were all very impolite. None of them said thank you for anything. One player in particular, a striker, sat with his headphones on and refused to take them off, and none of them would lift their window blinds for takeoff and landing.

“By contrast, Manchester United were incredibly polite. Sir Alex Ferguson was all ‘yes please, no thank you’, and all the team were exactly the same. They were all linked up together playing Fifa football on their Game Boys or PlayStations or whatever they were. They were like a bunch of little schoolboys. The only one who wasn’t playing was [Cristiano] Ronaldo, who just rolled his eyes at me whenever I walked down the plane, as if to say, ‘Look what I have to put up with, with these kids.'”

Ha, that is brilliant – especially the image of C-Ron rolling his eyes at his team-mates playing on their PSPs (I guess that’s what they were packing). I can totally see him doing that.

The Spurs striker who wouldn’t take his headphones off? I’m guessing Darren Bent.

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  1. Dan says:

    Bent? much more likely to have been Mr Moody i love myself berbatov, surely?

  2. Philspur says:

    Yet another negative spurs yarn … how unoriginal and totally contrived. Keep licking the Sky 4 butts and downing those pies matey

  3. aaron says:

    wat?? no private jets??? tsk the cheek..

  4. Kenneth Munn says:

    What about Ars3nil, how did those foreign b-s behave?

  5. drasl says:

    haha, I think the three strikers that went to Prague a couple of years ago were Keane, Bent and Berbatov.. And Im sure as hell that Keane isnt impolite. Also players not saying thank you to people that are supposed to be doing their job ? Oh the humanity.

  6. Yocrab says:

    Berba is now a Man U player who also travelled with Spurs. So he is rude and very polite at the same time ? it doesn’t make sense.
    By the way, there’s nothing rude in not saying “thank you” to airplane staff (they are paid to look after passengers after all) or listening to music. Moreover, she is no role model, as she also tells in her book how she was once banged by all the crew members during a long-haul night stops. She’s just a dumbarse bitch

  7. D says:

    “Also players not saying thank you to people that are supposed to be doing their job? Oh the humanity.”

    Proof that no one has any kind of manners anymore.

  8. Mic says:

    Haha sounds about right, there’s nothing wrong with manners, infact it’s quite rude not to say please and thankyou, that’s not me sat on my high horse, it just costs nothing to be polite and i’m just not a fan of rudeness. And yes it does sound like it was Bent with his ear phones though obviously all Spurs fans will claim it’s a different striker that’s no longer at the club, surprise.

  9. shaun says:

    thinking about it the spurs squad are about 80% english and the top four and some others are about 80% foriegn so my guess is please and thankyou are the only words they know apart from pass and shoot stuff like that, so they probably say it alot so it looks like they know english.

  10. Joe says:

    Agree with Mic, a little bit of courtesy never goes amiss. Pretty sure it must have been Bent, he strikes me as less social than Berbatov away from the pitch (as evidenced by tw@tter).

  11. Omer says:

    Lol what’s rude about not lifting the blinds during take-off and landing?

  12. […] Man United players are nice to their flight staff. Spurs? Not so much. [WAATP?] […]

  13. Ben says:

    I can imagine Fergie scolding his players for being ill-mannered, he’s got that kind of old fashioned dad vibe. I served a few ex-footballers in my former career as a barman, and here’s the dirt: Hans Segers and Brian Deane are absolute gentlemen; Keith Gillespie is a turd. Oh, and the bloke from Steps who isn’t “H” is an uberturd. But he’s not technically a footballer.

  14. kathmcp says:

    Haven’t done a lot of air travel Omer? It has nothing to do with being polite, it is actually a safety regulation and all airlines request that the blinds are opened when landing and taking off.

  15. Anonymous says:

    @D + 1, Apparently manners are one of those quaint ideas that have been done away with. Just because people are doing their job, does not mean a Thank you, a sorry or an excuse is not appreciated and more so should be expected!

  16. Tim says:

    Its not all about “sorry” or “thank you”, she says in particular that none of the spurs player “would lift their window blinds for takeoff and landing” and this is a safety regulation. so the whole team behaved like a bunch of spoiled brats. i think(hope) harry’s arrival changed the situation…

  17. Rob says:

    United players just have much more experience flying high

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